AAA Membership – What Is It and How Much It Cost

Is AAA Membership worth it? The American Automobile Association membership popularly known as AAA membership is a membership program offered by AAA in order to give members the best of its service and also the ability to enjoy more perks and benefits. Members of AAA get to receive discounts and deals ranging from Automobile, restaurant deals, hotel deals, movie tickets, and more.

AAA Membership - What Is It and How Much It Cost

The AAA membership is a program that gives members the benefit to enjoy a wide range of services and products that can help them save more money. In addition, it covers a whole lot of perks and benefits that members can enjoy for a lifetime. But, in order to be a part of the service, you have to join with a paid subscription plan. This is because the membership comes with a paid fee.

What is AAA Membership?

First of all, American Automobile Association is a private organization. It offers its services to its members. AAA membership is a three-tiered subscription program launched by AAA that offers roadside assistance to its members. People with AAA members receive discounts on car rentals, restaurant deals, vacations, cellular service entertainment, and more. However, membership depends on the place you live and the membership tier you choose.

AAA Membership Cost

As I stated earlier, to become a member of triple-A, you need to subscribe to a membership plan. You may be wondering how much does AAA cost?  AAA offers a three-tiered membership plan. Also, AAA offers a monthly and annually monthly subscription plan. You can decide to go with the plan that suits you. But, keep in mind that the subscription charge depends on the AAA state club you wish to join. Below Is the pricing to become a member.

  • Classic:  cost $52-$74 per year.
  • Plus:  Cost $85-$124 per year.
  • Premier:  cost $118-$170 per year.

AAA Membership Discount

There are discounts that come with a membership. Only members are entitled to enjoy these benefits. The discount is considered one of the huge benefits of being a member. Also, it is one of the ways for you to save more money.

  • Enjoy 20% or more off Car and truck rentals.
  • Amuse parks, museums movies tickets.
  • 35% off Electronics from selected companies.
  • Enjoy 5% to 15% off on hotels reservation.
  • Discount on tour booking, travel guides, and group travels.
  • Free international maps.
  • Discount on auto insurance.

AAA Membership Benefits

  • Service calls
  • Emergency  fuel delivery
  • Extrication Service
  • Lock and key service
  • Towing Mileage
  • Toll-free Number
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Theft rewards
  • Vehicle return
  • Hertz benefits
  • Home lockout Service
  • Concierge service

Frequently asked  Questions

What does AAA membership cover?

It covers a whole lot of benefits and perks. As an AAA member, you have a lot of great values to enjoy. Some of the benefits that an AAA covers include; automotive repair, emergency road services, international travel planning, quality auto, home, and life insurance, Save program discount, and more.

What are the different AAA memberships?

There are four primary AAA memberships level that you can choose from and they include;

  • Classic
  • Plus
  • Premier
  • Student Membership(17-25)

How do I cancel my AAA Membership?

In order to cancel your membership plan, you have to call a phone number that is particular to your state. Alternatively, you can visit your local AAA store and cancel your subcription in person. Moreover, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Is AAA Membership worth it?

You can consider AAA the best option if you are always traveling. But, AAA is definitely worth it with the many benefits and discounts.  However, if you are not always on the road, then you can opt for other apps like Honk, blink, or Urgently.

Which AAA membership is best?

Keep in mind that choosing a membership level depends on your needs and budget. If you are always traveling, then the best plan will be the Plus or premier membership plan.

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