Apple releases iOS 15.0.2 because of security exposure

It wasn’t long ago that Apple release the iOS 15 during the official release of iPhone 13 and now iOS 15.0.2 is available for you to update to the latest version. In this article, we will show you the required step you need to following to download and install iOS 15.0.2.

Apple releases iOS 15.0.2 because of security exposure

The new upgrade of the iOS operating system is now available and it has been making rounds over social media. The new iOS 15.0.2 might not come with a bigger change or feature than when the iOS 15 was released, the new update might feature little improvement of the feature. Based on the reports, the iOS 15.0.2 comes with bug fixes and also relevant security updated suitable for your device. You can find out more about the improved feature coming alongside the iOS 15 latest.

What is the Updates on iOS 15.0.2

The release of iOS 15 bought out the new feature and also improved feature that includes FaceTime, Messages and Memoji, Focus, Notifications, Maps, and more. So, I don’t think the release of iOS 15.0.2 will comes with a new feature but just an improved feature which includes the following:

  • From messages, you can save picture.
  • Not connect to Find My when using iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe
  • Also, you might not see AirTag in the Find My item tab.
  • If you are used to the CarPlay opening on audio apps, this might not be available anymore.

Most importantly, the iOS 15.0.2 comes with an extra security patch to help secure your iPhone. Initially, Apple has not been able to provide information around the issue it patches. This is why you need to update to the latest iOS operating system.

Likewise, for Apple Watch 3, the latest version update which is watchOS 8.0.1 also appears has bug fixes, but not specific upgrades indicated.

How to Updates to iPhone to iOS 15.0.2

Everyone with an iPhone known the required step to update to the latest iOS version. But in case you still need the step to update to iOS 15.0.2, here is the following step to go through:

  • First of all, you need an internet connection.
  • Select Settings and click Software Update from the menu.
  • In case you can’t find it, you can click General and select Software Update.
  • Click Download to start the download process of iOS 15.

Wait a little while for the download process to start. When it completes, you can simply click Install and the process will start. That’s all you need to get your iPhone up to date with the latest release iOS.

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