Best TV Stations – Best Television Channels In Nigeria

Aside from other forms of indulgent entertainment, many are still in stride with using television as their main source of information. So, really, what are the best TV stations in Nigeria? Many ask this question to know where they can go to spend their viewing hours. The best television stations in Nigeria all vary and are really active in delivering all forms of entertainment and news.

Best TV Stations - Best Television Channels In Nigeria

In addition, Television is a great channel for many favorite shows by its viewers. Although there are now multiple choices available to people, TV stations are still very much in style. It also still puts out reliable and interesting content. Just like we have many radio stations on the air in Nigeria, the same applies to television stations in Nigeria. There are many television stations in Nigeria that rank among the best in the country.

The Best TV Stations In Nigeria

After having the very first television station launched in 1959 in Nigeria, there have been many more that have been launched since then. In fact, past polls have revealed that there are now more than 107 television stations in Nigeria. Here is a list of some of the best TV stations in Nigeria:

Arise TV: Best TV Stations

Arise TV is a Lagos-based Nigerian TV station, and it is one of the best that makes the list. This television station is popular for giving out content on Sports, politics, news, current affairs, lifestyle, documentaries, entertainment, and many more. Aside from its greatness, it is also home to many excellent and diligent journalists who are both fair and truthful.

Owned by a popular media mogul called Nduka Obaigbena, this television channel is an excellent choice for viewership in Nigeria. If you own DSTV, the Arise TV station broadcasts on channel 416 in Nigeria. Additionally, Arise TV can also be caught in streaming form on Freeview on Channel 269. On the Vision lineup, it is on channel 264.

AIT (African Independent Television)

The African Independent Television, popularly known as AIT, is the property of a media broadcaster in Nigeria. In light of this, AIT thrives by utilizing the satellite network from its headquarters in Nigeria. As a subsidiary of Daar Communications plc, AIT also has stations in about 24 out of the 36 states in Nigeria.

Furthermore, AIT broadcasts varying contents excellently, with the mission to offer the world a view into the African experience. This TV station ranks on this list because of its broad vision of televising knowledge and experiences. Some popular programs that are aired by this TV station include AIT News Hour, World News, AIT News, and Inside The Parliament. Matters Arising, Money Show, and many others.

Galaxy Television

The Galaxy Television is another one of the best TV stations we have in Nigeria. This television station is privately registered and commenced its broadcasting fully in May 1994 from the location of Oke-Are. This channel 53 excels pretty well in the industry and has done well to grow their viewership to the range of 65-75% in the state of Oyo and more like Ogun and Osun. Now, Galaxy TV has greatly increased its viewership from massive followings from the Western parts of Nigeria.

Moreover, it has also launched a second channel that steadily covers coverage of the Western states. Also, they generally air from Monday to Friday, 2-4 pm, and 12 PM on Saturdays.

TVC News: Best TV Stations

TVC News is another excellent choice as it is one of the best TV stations in Nigeria. It has its headquarters in Lagos, but this channel airs on some pretty big platforms. TVC channels air on Multichoice TV in Ghana, DSTV and Startimes in Nigeria, as well as the British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc in Britain. 

In addition to this, this popular television station has a great mission to offer a unique perspective of Africa to foreign media and so on. You can tell they have been doing a good job about it. Also, the journalists and staff that work with this platform are all rated good and have won multiple awards. With a great viewership count from both National and international viewers, TVC should win your choice of a great TV station in Nigeria.

Silverbird Television

Launched and established in the year 1980, this television station has worked hard to prove its value and worth to all its viewers. And, you can tell that they really did wing it. Silverbird Station has been a leading media/entertainment business/platform in Africa and it has broad interests that touch Productions, Communications, and Cinemas.

In light of this, the company has truly advanced to earn a spot on the list of the best TV stations we have in Nigeria. Aside from Nigeria alone, the Silverbird Group has also earned a reputable international reputation. In addition to its greatness, Silverbird’s Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria has earned the reputation of creating the first black African Miss World in 2001. , this station has also won many awards and offered the best programs.

Africa Magic: Best TV Stations

This television station is a simple collection of Pay TV entertainment channels in Nigeria, and it also has a lot of entertainment to offer. With a mission focus on African programming. Africa Magic launched as a single channel and is now also a brand owned by M-Net.

Furthermore, the Africa Magic brand gained a lot of popularity from its station among DSTV subscribers in Nigeria. It offers entertaining Nigerian series, TV adverts, and Nigerian movies.

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