BetKing – Best Online Sports Betting in Nigeria

Betking is one of the most solidified betting websites in Nigeria as well as being an entertainment company. It also offers many online services as well in Nigeria. Known to be a great sports betting website, it also offers sports betting on basketball, tennis, hockey, cricket, virtual games, and many more.

If you are even interested in becoming an agent, Betking also offers a branch of opportunity by allowing you to become a Kingmaker. Once you sign up, you get to also deliver offline betting services to customers.

BetKing - Best Online Sports Betting in Nigeria

There are so many rewards and bonuses that you can earn when you use BetKing, but it all begins when you get started on the betting platform. If you want to learn all the ways to get started, read this article.

Why Bet On Bet King?

BetKing is one of the top betting sites available in Nigeria and other African countries as well. From their reliability to their top-notch performances, BetKing is undeniably one of the best sportsbooks where you can trust and earn.

This platform provides its users with amazing bonuses, a simple user interface, intriguing rewards, and many more. There are also tons of cool benefits that bettors on the site can get to enjoy. However, you will first need to sign up for an account. Check out the outline below for steps and guidelines to create an account.

How to Sign Up BetKing Account

The registration process is super easy and it has some of the best security measures. To get started, here’s what to do:

  • Launch your preferred web browser
  • Visit the official site at
  • The Signup page will load up next
  • Click on the ‘Join Now button at the top right of the home page
  • Now, enter your mobile number
  • On the next page, enter your email address and password
  • Also, type in your first and last name
  • You are going to be sent an OTP to your phone number. Launch your message app and copy the PIN
  • Enter that and click on the ‘Complete’ verification.

Once the registration is complete, you will be sent a confirmation message to your registered phone number. Also, you will receive a confirmation mail to your email address as well. Click on that link to confirm your email address. That is how you complete the process of the BetKing SignUp.

BetKing Sign Up Offers Terms And Conditions

Here are some of the Sign-up terms and conditions available when registering:

  • This is for new registered customers only
  • 50% cashback up to N5000 only available on your 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 11th bet.
  • It is available on the sportsbook bets placed
  • If you want to qualify for the offer,  each of your bets must include a minimum of 5 selections
  • All refunds are going to be made the next working day. This means you have to provide your bank details and it is verified.

These are the signup terms and conditions available when registering for BetKing as a new beginner.

How To Log In To Your BetKing

If you want to know how you can log into your BetKing account, follow the steps to do so:

  • Launch your preferred web browser
  • Visit the official website
  • Navigate to the right side of the page
  • Click on the Login icon
  • Enter your username and the password of your account
  • Click on the Login button when you are done

You will be given access to your account immediately as long as the login details you entered are correct.

BetKing Sign-In With Phone Number

It is quite necessary to register a phone number when you are registering an account with BetKing. Whilst doing that, the registration system will send you a PIN to your phone. You will have to enter that PIN on the website. Here’s how you can sign in using your phone number:

  • Enter the same phone number that you used to create an account on BetKing
  • Next, enter the password you used when creating the account
  • Lastly, click on the login button to sign in successfully

If you lost the number you used in registering for your BetKing, it is okay. You can easily reach out to customer service to help you in this case. If you want to reach out to them, you can do so through this email at Once you send them what you need in this email, the customer support team will assist them with further information.

How To Bet On The BetKing

If you are settled and ready to use the BetKing to start placing bets, here’s what to do:

  • Launch your mobile browser
  • Log into your BetKing account
  • Navigate to the sports section and choose the sports that you wish to wager on
  • Then, select the preferred league, i.e Premier League or Juniper Pro League
  • You can then select the event that you want to bet on
  • Once done, you can scroll through the betting markets that are available. Also, select the bet you want and the type of odds you want.
  • Now, you have to enter the amount of money you want to stake and then you submit the bet slip.

That’s how you can start betting on the BetKing sports betting platform. You can easily navigate to the mobile site on a browser to start waging.

How To Withdraw Money From The BetKing

Whether you use the mobile app or desktop site, you can easily withdraw your money once you have your money paid. Once you are ready to cash out, you can select from the payment options that are available. Here’s how to withdraw your money from BetKing:

  • Log into your BetKing account
  • Navigate to the withdrawal page
  • Next, select the preferred withdrawal method
  • Also, you will have to enter financial details to make the process easier
  • Next, enter the amount that you want to withdraw
  • Lastly, submit the request

You will get paid through whatever payment option you chose with ease. Ensure that the financial details you enter are all correct.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. We’ve also provided answers to these questions.

Does BetKing have a Sign Up Offer?

For new beginners, BetKing actually offers you all a 50% Cashback up to N5000 on their 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11 bets when they register.

Is there a BetKing Promo Code?

If you are a new user interested in creating an account with BetKing, one thing you should be aware of is the Promo code. This Promo code is actually quite helpful when it comes to registering on the platform. 

Ensure that you enter the promo code COMPLETE when registering for BetKing. Doing so will ensure you win and claim your 50% Cashback Welcome Offer once you register.

Furthermore, if you want to enter the promo code, just click on the icon of the registration page that says ‘Do you have a referral code?’. The promo code field is going to be visible, so enter the code right there.

Can I Recover my Password?

If you cannot remember the password you will need to log in to your betting account, you can easily reset it. Do you simply click on the Forgot Password? Button. Once you do this, you will need to enter a registered username and click on the password request link.

Next, you will receive the link in your email, where you can enter your username and a new password. Once you are done, click on the Proceed button to complete the reset and reset process.

I Lost a Verified Phone Number; how can I log in on BetKing?

If you lost the number you used in registering for your BetKing, it is okay. You can easily reach out to customer service to help you in this case. If you want to reach out to them, you can do so through this email at Once you send them what you needs in this email, the customer support team will assist them with further information.

Is there a Bet King Mobile App?

For most countries asides from Nigeria, The BetKing hasn’t fully launched in most countries yet. However, you can easily access the website by using your mobile device.

You can easily use the mobile desktop to visit their website. Also, you can easily access it via your browser on your Android or iOS device.

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