BSN Visa Classic – Enjoy BSN Instalment Pay Plan | Apply For BSN Visa Classic

Have you heard of the BSN visa classic? It is a credit card issued by Simpanan Nasional. BSN visa credit is a card designed with numerous benefits to make your transactions more satisfying. Therefore, you have a card that offers unusual discounts and offers from dining and shopping to travel treats at selected merchants. As well as granting you access to shop and dine at more than twenty-nine million establishments across the globe. And get cash at over one million ATMs.

With the BSN visa classic, users can transfer their outstanding balance from their other credit cards to their BSN visa classic and enjoy great investments. Everyone loves a credit card that offers superior savings, exclusive benefits, and payment convenience. With this card, you can experience a world of convenience, enjoy great rewards and savings, and indulge in a lifestyle full of rewards and privileges. Also, with BSN, you can enjoy an installment payment plan. With the BSN installment payment plan, cardholders can shop at any merchant and convert their purchases to affordable monthly installments with BSN 0% installment plan for up to two years.

BSN Visa Classic Overview

Furthermore, BSN visa classic offers you payment convenience at BSN branches worldwide such as BSN ATM /CDM, my BSN, BSN: SMS, or interbank GIRO. However, the BSN visa classic is only available for Malaysian citizens and Malaysian expatriates. In other words, to use this credit card, you need to reside in Malaysia. Unlike other credit cards, it does not come with an annual fee. Enjoy a lifetime annual fee waiver for Principal and Supplementary Cards with no conditions attached. The prevailing finance charges for government employees and non-government employees are 11% per annum and 13.5% per annum respectively if the minimum repayment (5% of the outstanding balance or a minimum of RM50, whichever is higher) is paid by the payment due date.

If the repayment is paid after the due date, it will be 17.5% per annum for both government employees and non-government employees. As a late payment charge, higher than RM5 or 1% of the outstanding balance, up to a maximum of RM50 will apply. Apart from these, the BSN visa classic allows you to earn double BSN happy rewards points. Every ringgit you spend with your card brings you to reward points that you can use to redeem exciting gifts and privileges.

Fees And Charges

Annual Fee for primary card                        Free

The annual fee for a supplementary card          Free

Minimum monthly payment                       RM 50 or 5% of the outstanding amount, whichever is higher

Late payment fee                                            RM 10 or 1% of the outstanding, whichever is higher.

Cash withdrawal fee                       RM 12.75 or 2.69% of the withdrawn amount, whichever is higher.

Benefits Of BSN Visa Classic

Indeed, if you are residing in Malaysia, you’ll know that the BSN visa classic comes with a lot of benefits. Hence, here are some of what it offers.

  • Unlike other credit cards, it does not come with annual fee charges.
  • There’s nothing like getting a little extra when you spend.
  • Shop abroad and receive double rewards.
  • Collect your Reward Points whenever you swipe with this Visa credit card. These points can then be used to redeem exciting gifts for you and the family.
  • Whether it’s kitchenware, travel gear, vouchers, and even gifts for the kids, the BSN reward point catalog has a gift just for you.
  • With BSN Classic Visa, you’ll get 1x Reward Points for every Ringgit that you spend on local retail purchases.
  • Up to RM300,000 travel insurance.
  • Worldwide acceptance and cash advance: Grant you access to shop and dine at over twenty-nine million establishments worldwide and cash at over one million ATMs.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of the card with your loved ones by giving them a supplementary card.

How To Apply For BSN Visa Classic

To apply for a BSN classic visa, you need to take note of the following;

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must reside in Malaysia. It is only open to Malaysian citizens and expatriates.
  • Applicants must be at 21 years of age. But if you’d like to apply for a supplementary card, then you must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Your minimum annual income must be RM24,000.
  • Minimum monthly income RM2,000.

To apply follow the steps below;

  • Visit the BSN visa classic application page.
  • On the application page, enter the following details;
  • Full name, a valid phone number, and email address.
  • Then select whether you are a Malaysian citizen or an expatriate.
  • Select the state you reside.
  • Choose employment.
  • Then, click Next.
  • On the next page, enter the details of your income information such as,
  • Your monthly gross income in RM.
  • Read and accept BSN terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • After that, click on the Submit button.

Having followed these steps carefully, your credit card request will be received and you will have to wait for a notification stating whether you are approved or not. Meanwhile, know that the duration of your application depends on the bank you have applied with and you will be contacted during business hours.

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