Chase QuickPay – How to Use Chase Quick Pay With Zelle

Chase QuickPay: In aspect of sending and receiving money, online payment methods is one of the growing feature in our world today. With use of users credit and debit card payment for services has been possible online. But it is sad to hear that they all can’t help you in all financial situations. So, how do you transfer to someone when you can’t use your credit card? Or you want to use cash from your Bank account? Maybe you’re trying to send money to someone or request money for a service or a work you’ve done. There are some quick and simple ways to follow in order to get this issue taken care of. The amazing thing is that you can even handle it right from your mobile phone.

Chase QuickPay - How to Use Chase Quick Pay With Zelle

Venmo and Cash App are some of the popular apps used to send money to friends, business partners, etc. But for Chase QuickPay users, Chase Quick pay offers them a free non-interrupted service and a convenient option to send money without having to download a separate app. Now, to individuals or business partners who are unfamiliar with Chase Quick Pay. I’m going to dive into a quick review about what the platform is and how it works.

What Exactly is Chase Quick Pay

Chase QuickPay with Zelle is a free service that permits users with Chase Bank checking accounts to carry out person-to-person (P2P) transfers with other accounts that are part of the clearXchange (CXC) network. This simply means QuickPay users can transfer money to customers at Bank of America, Wells Fargo and scores of other banks. The only thing you have to do is entering the recipient’s email address into the Chase QuickPay mobile app or online website.

Important Things to Know About Chase Quick Pay

If you’re thinking about starting up with Chase QuickPay, here are few things you need to know about Chase Quick Pay before you get started.

  1. You have to sign up before you start using it.
  2. The recipient doesn’t need to be a Chase Quick Pay customer.
  3. There are limits to how much you can send; your daily and monthly limitations depend on the type of account you have with Chase Quick Pay.
  4. Your money can be transferred in minutes.
  5.  It is not mandatory you download its mobile app; you can access the Chase QuickPay service either with Chase mobile app, Chase pay app or
  6. You can split charges from your account activity.

How to Sign up on Chase QuickPay

If you’ve gotten what it takes to own a Chase Quick Pay account then you don’t have to wait anymore. Here’s how to set up Chase QuickPay with Zelle.

  1. Visit and input your newly created username and password.
  2. Select ‘Chase Quick Pay with Zelle’ from the ‘Pay and transfer’ menu
  3. Accept the Chase Quick Pay Service Agreement and Privacy Notice.

Chase QuickPay will send you a one-time code to verify your mobile number or email address. After this stage, you can now select between the Chase Checking Account or Chase Liquid Card.

How to Make Use of Chase QuickPay

Sending Money with Chase QuickPay;

  1. Sign in to your Chase account
  2. Click on ‘Pay and Transfer’ at the left menu, and next on ‘QuickPay with Zelle’. But when using the Chase app your menu may look slightly different, just look for ‘QuickPay with Zelle’
  3. Select ‘Send Money’ from your menu options.
  4. Input the mobile number or email address of the recipient you’re sending money to.
  5. Select the amount and date for the payment.
  6. Select if you want this transfer to be a recurring transaction.
  7. Click Submit when done confirming your request.

Requesting Money With Chase QuickPay

  1. Firstly, sign in to your Chase QuickPay account.
  2. Click on ‘Pay and Transfer’ at the left menu, and next on ‘QuickPay with Zelle’. While on the Chase app, look for ‘Quick Pay with Zelle’.
  3. Select ‘Request Money’ from your tabs or ‘Request or Split Money’ from your app menu options.
  4. Pick or add a new contact of the person you want to request from.
  5. Input the request details.
  6. Click Submit to Request Money.

You’ll be confirmed with a satisfying green check. However, the green check is gratifying that you’ll want people to send you money all the time. Most importantly, make sure you protect yourself by only sending money to people you know and trust. Chase QuickPay doesn’t protect you in the case of sending your money to the wrong person. If you’re tired of paying fees and you really want a real-time non-interrupted transfer, then Chase Quick Pay might be worth trying.

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