Checkers Online Shopping – Checkers Groceries and Savings

Are you in search of an online shopping platform to purchase a household, baby, electronics, sports items, and Gifts? Search no more, because in this article I will be recommending a way to shop for your groceries right on your mobile device. Checkers’ online shopping platform is one of the best and easiest ways to browse and check out all products of your choice without leaving your comfort zone. You will be able to list different types of products or items with your mobile device. Checkers’ online shopping makes it very easy to get amazing products at affordable prices.

Furthermore, if you have already heard about Checkers or you are a customer, you should know that you cannot shop on their website online. is only available to check out the products in the Checkers local stores near you. Checkers’ online shopping website allows you to locate the checker’s stores near you and check out the products available in their stores.


However, Checkers want to make everything easy for its customers which is why they created an online shopping app ‘’Checkers sixty60.’’ This Checkers Online shopping app allows you to browse and also shop for your groceries without leaving your home. It is a downloadable app made to change the way you shop for drinks, household equipment, and more. You can pay for any products you purchase on the app using any secured payment methods. With the Checkers, Sixty60 Online shopping app, shopping for groceries is made very easy and stress-free.

What is Available on the Checkers Online Shopping Store?

Although you cannot shop on the Checkers website, you can browse through products and be directed to local stores to get them just like I have mentioned above. There are lots of products available on the Checkers Online shopping website and app. fortunately; the products are conveniently grouped to make it easier and faster to Shop. Below are the categories available on the Checkers online store and what is available under them (subcategories);

  • Food- Fresh food, Frozen food, Bakery, Food cupboard, Platters, and Fruit Baskets
  • Drinks – Soft Drinks, juices & smoothies, bottled water, tea, Dairy Drinks, Coffee, Hot Drinks, Beer & Cider, Wine,  Squash, Concentrates ad Cordial.
  • Household – Appliances, Bathroom, Bedroom, Car, Cleaning, Décor, Kitchen, DIY, Electrical, Kitchen, Laundry, Luggage, and Travel
  • Health & Beauty – First Aid, Oral Care, Eyecare, Bath, Shower& Soap, Medicine, Sanitary protection, Hair Care, Personal Grooming, Makeup & Nails, and Skincare.
  • Baby – Baby Food, Baby Toiletries, Baby Toys, Baby Weaning, Baby Wipes, Healthcare, Baby Clothing & Footwear, Baby furniture, & Travel, Baby Bottle, Baby Laundry, and Baby Milk.
  • Sports – Bicycles, Court Sports, Field Sports, Gym Health& fitness, Recreational Sports and Games
  • Outdoor – Braai, Camping, Coolers &Ice Packs, Garden, Pool, Umbrellas, Outdoor Furniture, Garden, Jugs& Water Carriers, Pool, and Gazebos.
  • Pets – Pet Food, Pet Clothing, Pet Health & Hygiene, Pet Bowls, Grooming, Kennels & Carrier, Food & Water Dispensers, Collars & Leads, Fish & Aqua Products, and Pet Bedding & Comfort.
  • Toys – Cars, Play Sets, Puzzles, Ride-on Toys, Soft Toys, Dolls, Building Blocks, Beach & Pool, Action Figures, and Board Games.
  • Clothing & Footwear – Underwear & Socks, School Uniforms, Adult Clothing, Footwear, Garden& outdoor, Housecoats & Overalls, Stocking, Socks, and Tights
  • Electronics – Camera, Computing, Portal Electronics, Home Audio & Video, Camera, Portable Electronics, Cellphone & Tablet, Video Games and Consoles.

If you are someone who loves Grocery shopping in just one place, Checker’s online shopping store is absolutely the best. With the online shopping platform, you can get everything you need without using other apps or platforms to shop.

Checkers Sixty60 Online Shopping

Well, for me I will say the Checkers Online shopping app is one of the best ways to use the store. You can browse through the products and purchase them anytime you want. Unlike the website, you can purchase and pay for the items using your mobile device. The Checkers sixty60 is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS app store. Once you download the app you can choose from over 15 thousand products available in the store. Whatever you need, it will be delivered to your doorstep.

How to Shop on Checkers Online Store

Shopping on Checkers is a very easy and simple thing to do. All you just need is your mobile device and you are good to go. The Online Shopping app makes it stress-free to purchase any product of your choice. Below are the steps to purchase an item on Checker’s online shopping store.

  • Open the app
  • Sign up for an account with your required details or just sign in if you already have an account
  • On the first page, click on the Category the product you want to purchase falls under
  • Browse through and locate the item
  • Click on it once you find it
  • Check out the size and the color if it matches what you want
  • Click on Buy Now to purchase immediately. OR add to cart to purchase later
  • On the next page, enter your payment details to purchase the item
  • Enter the delivery details and finish up the process

Once you do all these, you have successfully purchased the products using the Checker Online shopping app. Now, all you just need to do is wait for the delivery to get to you.

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