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Looking for a movie/tv shows website simply made for streaming alone? Movies are considered to be one of the top entertaining shows. However, there are so many movie streaming websites on the internet today one of which is also known as Sony Crackle is a free movie streaming website that doesn’t require payment or subscription to stream movies and tv shows, but requires them to register. Just like other movie streaming websites, provides its users with the latest movies and popular tv shows that they would love to stream. website library with original movie contents and also acquired programming. - Watch Movies Online, Free TV Shows |

Furthermore, has lots of movies and tv shows to offer its users. Accessing the sony crackle website by registering for an account enable access to features that include the availability of top trending movies, different categories of movies, and also free streaming. Sony Crackle’s website is built with a simple interface that enables instant access to new release movies and tv shows to watch. Also, Crackle offers original online series that includes Being Human, Snatch, 2020: Fallen Earth, Absolution, and more.

Categories of Movies on

Movies are categorized and arranged under the website. This is because it enables users on the website to locate movies for streaming easily. Under the categories, there are also other categories. The website has a lot in store for its users. These categories include;

  • Movies: Under this, there are other categories which include; now playing, popular, top-rated, and coming soon. Therefore, you are free to choose from which you want to stream movies.
  • TV shows: There are a lot of movies to stream under this category. The categories of movies under this are airing, popular, and on the air. You can choose to stream from any of them.
  • Genres movies: Under this category, you can stream a lot of movies, because it has a lot of categories of movies under it. some of which include; action, animation, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, fantasy, foreign and many more.

Under these listings, you can pick which category to stream interesting movies from. Or you can also use the website category to select any movie for streaming. However, if you are new to the website and finding it difficult to stream movies, you can follow the steps for streaming movies on the website to stream your favorite movie.

How to Stream Movies & TV Series on

New to the website? streaming on this website has already been made easy by the owners and developers of this website. However, some steps would be listed for you to follow so as to stream free on the website. Although, you might be wondering why the download process hasn’t been mentioned. This is because the website doesn’t allow downloading of movies. Therefore, the only option is to stream movies. Here are steps by which you can follow to stream movies on the website;

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the category you want to download from and select a movie
  • Or search movie by name using the search engine
  • You can also select a movie from the homepage
  • Click on the movie
  • Create an account (without this, streaming not allowed)
  • Revisit the movie you want to stream and click on the play button.

Creating an account with is free. The only way you can or allow to stream is by signing up if you do not have an account. However, after creating an account, you can revisit the page of the movie you want to stream and click on the play button to watch your movie online with family and friends.

What Happened to the Crackle Website?

Although due to some reasons, crackle no longer functions in some countries. Apparently, there are selected countries in which Sony Crackle is accessible and that includes the United States. Nevertheless, this website enables it user’s stream movies, tv shows, and original online series for free. Another interesting feature is that you can activate a device on the website.

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