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Over the year mobile phone has been the smartest of all devices. They are now built with multiple features and sensors that enable them to even study our environment. Figure print sensors are now available on mobile phones to hence password security. App has made it possible that users can now find their iPhone, iPad, and Mac whenever they misplace them. This is called find my iPhone for iPad its find my iPad, for Mac its find my Mac. This is an app and service that is been provided by Apple Inc.

Find My iPhone - Find My iPhone on | Find My App

The fine my iPhone, iPad or Mac service allows remote location-tracking of your iOS devices and Mac PC. This service was made available for iOS 5 or later and OS X 10.7.5 Lion or later in 2013 in the month of March. Apple has made it possible that find my iPhone is now bundled in the iOS 9 operating system as it was released. This app is also made available for iOS 8 users on App Store for free. This is just like the regular app you download on your phone but it does a lot to help users find their phone and Apple device whenever they misplace them.

Benefits of Find My iPhone Features 

Find my iPhone is an app that allows users to remotely track or find your lost or stolen Apple device. This is not limited to a particular device be it iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac PC. You can remotely track them from anywhere using the find my iPhone app in as much as the device is internet enabled.

This is not just only limited to fine my iPhone it also helps to locate your stolen or lost apple device. A user can also make use of this app service to remotely wipe off your private information on your apple device this is to protect your personal data and information from unauthorized users.

If you really like the benefits of this service we can take through the process involve in starting up the find my iPhone service on all your apple devices. You can always make use of the find my iPhone app or web platform.

Find My iPhone | Turn on This on iPhone and iPad

If family share is enabled on your device you can share locations, track all device on the on the family sharing platform right from one device. Let get started with on how to turn on find my iPhone.

  1. Visit settings on iPhone or iPad.
  2. On the setting window tap on the iCloud icon.
  3. Click on find my iPhone.
  4. Click on the switch on the right side of fine my iPhone icon to turn this feature on.

Once you have turn on this feature you can now remotely track or find your device using the app or the web platform. After turn on this setting, you can make use of any iPhone that has the app to find your device.

How to Use Find My iPhone App or Web to Find Your iPhone and iPad

You can always track your iPhone one using this app. This app is available on iPhone and iPad and can also be downloaded from the apple store. You can always track your apple device that is been linked to your iCloud account using the below steps.

  1. Click on the Find my iPhone app on any iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  2. Login to the app using your iCloud account details.
  3. Click on the device name of the apple device you want to track.
  4. You need to click on action on the bottom to get various options.
  5. You can either click on play sound, lost mode, or Erase. This are the same 3 options on you get when you are on a web browser.

Play sound: enable your device to play out an audible ringtone even when the phone is on silent mode or vibration mode. This is use if your iPhone is got missing just close to you.

Lost Mode: this option gives you the opportunity to enter a phone number that we be shown or display on your phone screen on your lost device. The mobile also plays an audible ringtone to draw user’s attention.

Erase: if you have and still unable to find your device. This is the best option in other to protect your private information and data on your iPhone. Apple has made it possible that user can remotely delete all their information on their Apple device.

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