Google Fit – Download Google Fit App | Google Fit Review

What is Google Fitness or how can I get the Google Fit app on my device? These are some of the top related questions asked by millions of people wanting to know more about Google Fitness. Currently, there are wide variety of fitness application that help maintain your health activities with diet and lots more. Some of them includes Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Sport Tracker, Samsung Health, and lots more. Learn more about the Fit application and also guideline on how you can get started with the platform online.

Google Fit - Download Google Fit App | Google Fit Review

Furthermore, Google Fit is a health & fitness application owned by Google that help track your health and fitness activities. The health tracking application operates on Android operating systems, Wear OS, and also on Apple Inc.’s IOS. The application is structure with a single set of APIs that accumulate information for several apps and devices. Also, the Google Fit app is built with sensors which helps to record your physical fitness activities that includes cycling or walking which is integrated in user activity tracker or mobile device. On the app, users can set up a fitness gools, in which the sensors measure your progress and more.

Features of Google Fit

The Google Fit app allows you to stay healthier and make your life active. It’s difficult to understand or determine that particular fitness activity required to keep you healthy. That Google Fit is in conjunction with the World Health Organization and also the American Heart Association to provide users with heart points and set up healthy goals that help improve their health. Here is the following feature of the Fit app:

  • With the application, you can always track your workouts direct with your phone or wristwatch.
  • Also, you can keep track of your goals with your daily progress.
  • While walking, running, or cycling, the application automatically monitors your activities and keeps data of your movement.
  • The Google Fitneess app allows you to connect with other apps and devices.

Above all, the Google Fit app is accessible anywhere, anytime, from your devices or watch. Most importantly, it’s easy, fast and a reliable health & fitness app to keep track of your health and activity. Check out how to download and set up the Google Fitness app.

How to Download the Google Fitness App

Just as stated earlier, the Google Fit app is compatible with the Android operating system, Apple iOS, and Wear OS. All you need to do is visit the respective app store and install the Google Fitness app on your devices.

  • Open the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Search for Google Fit and click enter.
  • Select the Google Fitness app.
  • Finally, click Install or Get.

After you must have completed the download, the Google Fitness app, you can then activate the app, by signing in with your Google account. some of the app in which the Google Fitness app works with includes SmartBand 2 SWR12, Strava tracker, Weight Track Assistant, Workout Trainer, Walk with Map My Walk, and more.

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