Google Fit – Track your fitness activity

What is Google Fitness, or how can I get the Google Fit app on my device? These are some of the top related questions asked by millions of people wanting to know more about Google Fitness. There are many different fitness apps available right now that support diet, exercise, and other aspects of maintaining your health. Some of them include Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Sport Tracker, Samsung Health, and lots more.

Google Fit - Track your fitness activity

Furthermore, Google Fit is a health and fitness application owned by Google that helps track your health and fitness activities. The health tracking application operates on Android operating systems, Wear OS, and Apple Inc.’s IOS. The application is structured with a single set of APIs that accumulate information for several apps and devices.

In addition, the Google Fit app comes with sensors that help record your physical fitness activities, including cycling or walking. These are integrated into a user activity tracker or mobile device. Users can set up fitness goals on the app, and the sensors will track your advancement as you work toward them.

Features of Google Fit

The Google Fit app allows you to stay healthier and make your life more active. It’s difficult to understand or determine the particular fitness activity required to keep you healthy. Google Fit is in conjunction with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association to provide users with heart points and set up healthy goals that help improve their health. Here is the following feature of the Fit app:

  • Utilizing the app, you can always monitor your workouts using your phone or watch.
  • Also, you can keep track of your goals with your daily progress.
  • While walking, running, or cycling, the application automatically monitors your activities and keeps track of your movements.
  • The Google Fitness app allows you to connect with other apps and devices.

Above all, the Google Fit app is accessible anywhere, anytime, from your device or watch. Most importantly, it’s an easy, fast, and reliable health and fitness app to keep track of your health and activity. Check out how to download and set up the Google Fitness app.

How to Download the Google Fitness App

Just as stated earlier, the Google Fit app is compatible with the Android operating system, Apple iOS, and Wear OS. All you need to do is visit the respective app store and install the Google Fitness app on your devices.

  • Open the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.
  • Search for Google Fit and click enter.
  • Select the Google Fitness app.
  • Finally, click Install or Get.

After you have completed the download of the Google Fitness app, you can then activate the app, by signing in with your Google account. Some of the apps with which the Google Fitness app works include SmartBand 2 SWR12, Strava tracker, Weight Track Assistant, Workout Trainer, Walk with Map My Walk, and more.

Sections Of The Google Fit App

If you are new to the Google Fit application and wondering what sections are in it, below is a list of each of these sections and their functions.


This is the interface that shows a total overview of the activities in the app and also shows several sections of the app. This is also where you can see your recent workouts and activities. It also contains workout instructional videos and, most importantly, health recommendations.


This section of the app is what you can call the record-keeping part of the app. With this section, you can keep every activity you have carried out on the app intact. It functions as the schedule or log of the app. It is also a very simple part of the app to use.


The app also has the ability to quickly search for sections or activities in the app via the browse section. You can also connect other compatible apps with the Google Fit app via the browse section.


This section of the app is where you can adjust and readjust whatever you want to adjust or work on. You can adjust your goal minutes and so much more. The Google Fit app has several features, such as tracking physical activities, setting fitness goals, monitoring heart rate, and analyzing sleep patterns.

Google Fit Compatible

For compatibility, the app works with a wide range of devices and apps, but some features may not be available on certain devices. The sensors used in the app are generally accurate, but some users may find occasional discrepancies in data tracking.

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