Google Trends – How to Use Google Trends

Google Trends is a search feature used to check and keep track of the popularity of keywords that are entered and searched for on Google. For so many people out there, who may be into blogging and e-commerce, this handy tool is just right for you, in terms of searching for keywords pertaining to your niche.

Google Trends - How to Use Google Trends

Meanwhile, to make use of this search feature, you will have to access it through the website or mobile app. However, you must have a Google account, as this helps you gain easy access to the use of this service. Right in this article, I will be referring you to the Google Trends App for your Android and IOS devices. There are certain amazing features that you would love to know about this app.

About Google Trends

Going further, Google Trends is a search feature that works to show you how frequently a word is searched for on the Google search engine. This trends feature can be used to search for trending keywords and searches for your business. Although, for most people who operate their businesses through blogs, websites, eCommerce, and others, it is a tool that can help you figure out the trends in your niche, products, or services.

Furthermore, you can engage in Google Trends Explore as you explore by visiting the search tool, as you get to know the searches that trend on the search engine. Most data that you get can be really helpful to you. For example, if you run your business online, then you should know what trends in the niche that you operate on.

How to Use Google Trends

Google Trends Explore helps you in so many ways. Ranging from searching for keywords for your blogs, products that drive sales, niches for businesses, promoting your business, and so much more. There are different things you can use the Google Trends feature for. Let’s see what they are.

Find Niches

This trends feature is a great and amazing tool for finding and discovering niches. Whenever you want to find the right business to engage in, you can find out what people are most interested in. Meanwhile, get to know what the people want, as this helps to drive more sales.

Find Categories of Products from Related Topics

Let’s say you sell clothes. However, you may really want to expand your niche to other related products, that people may have an interest in. You just have to search for Clothes on the trends tool and scroll down till you find Related topics. Here, you get to see related and trending searches, that the people actually want. This can help to expand your business to the right niche.

Keyword Research

This feature helps to show the keywords search most by people. You can apply it to your store products or articles on your blog. You can do this by searching for a word on Google Trends and scrolling down to click on Related Queries.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a helpful marketing strategy for online businesses. This helps to increase your brand and business awareness. Creating a blog or article on your website could help you grow the reach of your business. You can do this by adding fresh and updated details to the articles on your blog.

Promote Your Store

Seasonal trends actually play a huge role in the improvement of your business. You can start selling seasonal products. The trends feature helps you figure out the right thing to do.

Monitor Your Competitors

You can even figure out and monitor the competitors that you have. However, you can see their performance against you and your brand. And you can also see if you are ahead or behind them.

Google Trends App Download

The Google Trends App download is currently available for smart mobile phones like Android and IOS phones. In addition, by going through your device’s play store, you can be able to access the app. However, you should know that you have to sign in to Google on your device before you can start.

Google Trends App Android

  • On your Android phone, get on the Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Trends”.
  • Google Trends exists as an icon with three white lines on a blue background.
  • Tap on the app and INSTALL.

After the download, open the app and sign in to your Google account if you are prompted to do so. You then have to choose your country or select different countries to get search trends from different countries.

Google Trends App For IOS

  • Get on your Apple App Store.
  • Search for Google Trends.
  • You will find the app as an arrow having different colors.  
  • Tap on the app and click on GET.

After the download, open the app, sign in, and get started with amazing trends, hot topics, and interesting headlines just for you!

Set Up Content with Current Search Trends

Right on the page of the trends tool, you get to find hot and trending topics at the moment. You can browse through and search. In addition, you could also set up an article on your blog with a trending topic you could be interested in.

You could also use it to find out the right time for you to set up your shopping ads, improve your social media reach, monitor your competitors, improve your content marketing and so much more. Google Trends Tool just provides you with insights to make your business a huge success.

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