How To Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen

How To Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen- With the process of getting your favorite animes to watch, Crunchyroll’s streaming site is undeniably one of the best we have out there. But, how do you fix a black screen when something happens?

This website alone has millions of active users that engage in streaming all their favorite anime shows, series, and so on. There are constant shows and movies that are even being uploaded every week.

How To Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen

However, with the active use of people and uploads that is being carried out on the platform, you can be sure that there will be technical issues, because it isn’t that immune to such things. One of the major reasons that people face is what is called a Black screen, where a video should be playing.

If you are currently facing such issues, there are easy ways you can use to try and fix the issue by yourself. The ability to stream the videos you want on this site is what is important, hence the necessary need to rid the black screen. There are easy tips to follow on how you can fix the black screen and continue to stream content.

Why Is Crunchyroll Showing Me A Black Screen?

If you are using Chrome or a browser to stream your anime content from Crunchyroll, there could be a number of reasons why there is a black screen showing, instead of the anime you are streaming. A major reason is a glitch within Chrome’s firmware or settings. Nevertheless, some of the major reasons why your might be experiencing a black screen include:

  • Pop up reflects
  • Extension incompatibility
  • Cache build-up
  • A bad internet connection

These could be some of the reasons why you are not getting any luck re-watching your anime or content and instead, you face a black screen.

How To Fix The Crunchyroll Black Screen Issues

There are simple and easy ‘To Fix’ steps that anyone can take to try and get rid of the black screen that plagues their devices. You might not know exactly what could be the root cause, but you can try out these methods to see is anyone of them works.

Cache Build up

Using the internet every single day enables your browser to store loads of information. That stored information is called cache, and it could be a primary cause of why programs aren’t running. A full cache could be a reason why you are seeing a black screen. Here is something you can do:

  • Visit the Settings feature
  • Navigate to the Privacy and settings
  • Click on it
  • Next. Select the Clear browser data
  • Ensure you check only the boxes you want to clear out

Once you are done, you can refresh the Crunchyroll page to see if it works.

Pop Up Redirects

A common issue that could also be the cause of a black screen is the Pop up redirects. These are Chrome pop-up blockers that could interfere with the streaming service on Crunchyroll. If this could be an ideal cause, here is something you can do:

  • Visit the Settings option
  • Select the Privacy and Security option
  • Next, click on Site settings
  • Select the Pop-ups and redirects
    • Then, add Crunchyroll under the sites that are allowed to send pop-ups and redirects

Once you are done with that, you can now refresh the Crunchyroll page to see if it works.

Extension Incompatibility

Another problem that could be causing the black on Crunchyroll is Extension incompatibility. For most browsers, Crunchyroll might not really be compatible with it. Here is what you can do:

  • Visit the Settings option
  • Click on Extensions
  • Turn off all the extensions

Now, you can refresh the Crunchyroll page to see if it works. It will work if extensions are the problem.

Bad internet connection

Then again, you might be having a black screen or a problem streaming your anime content if you have a very poor internet connection. If you see that the issue isn’t with the internet provider, you can then try rebooting the modem. Here is what you can do:

  • Turn off your modem and router or you can unplug it.
  • Wait for 30 seconds or 2 minutes
  • Proceed to turn your modem back on

Once it connects, refresh the Crunchyroll page again once the router lights indicate you have a signal. This should fix the problem.

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