JioCinema – Watch Free Movies, TV Shows, Web Series & Music on

Are you a lover of Bollywood movies or Indian TV shows? If you are then you must have heard of Jio cinema. If not, then you are quite lucky because this article will enlighten you on Ijio cinema. Ijio cinema is an Indian subscription streaming platform, owned by Jio platforms.  Jiocinema gives users, films, web series, music videos, documentaries, television, and all the entertainment they can ever ask for. Not only is it available on the browser, but it also has a mobile app. This mobile app is available for both IOS users and Android users. And to watch movies, all you need is to subscribe to the platform, once you do that you are good to go.

JioCinema - Watch Free Movies, TV Shows, Web Series & Music on
JioCinema – Watch Free Movies, TV Shows, Web Series & Music on

Furthermore, Ijiocinema created a very easy and simple way to subscribe to the platform. All the procedures are available on the mobile App.  Just visit the subscription page, enter your Jio number. However, you need to know that before the subscription, you must create an account with your personal details. Once you create the account, subscribe, you can now enjoy the premium entertainment that a movie platform offers.  However, if you do not want to watch movies on your phone, you can enter the login details on the website, and you are good to go. With Ijio cinema you can meet your Bollywood demands, and be ready for an unlimited dose of premium entertainment

Jiocinema categories

now, let’s talk about the categories of Jiocinema. The categories are what is available on the platform. And to watch movies on it, we need to know what is available. That is why I have listed the categories below, check it out;

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Videos

Once you have visited the Jio cinema, just click on the categories and a list of entertainment will be shown to you. You can also make use of the search engine; it will make the searching fast

How to Access Jio cinema

Like I stated above, accessing and watching movies on Jiocinema is very easy and simple to do. Below are the process on how to watch movies on Jiocinema after the subscription and creating of account

  • Open the app or website
  • Login or sign in with your ijio number
  • Click on the movie to watch or make use of the search engine
  • Now click on play

With the above, you can stream any movie of your choice on Jiocinema. You should not worry about ads interruption because the platform does not promote ads. Just watch your movie and enjoy the fun.

Is Ijiocinema Safe?

Of course, Jiocinema is safe to watch movies and TV shows on because it is not an illegal website. You are free to watch movies on it without worrying about safety. All the movies and TV shows are legal to watch so don’t worry about the copyrights too. Just download the App today and enjoy premium entertainment nonstop. As a lover of Bollywood movies, Jiocinema app should be on your device because it will serve you with Bollywood that will glue you to your sit

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