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As we all know Kizi is a web platform where users can play games online via their web browser. Kizi games are web base games if you have been looking for how to download this games to your device note that they can only be played online.

Kizi Games - Play Free Online Games on | Kizi

Kizi Games has been rated as on of the most addictive games played online. Well, that is true because of the frequent upload of mobile and movie related games on the web portal.

Kizi Games Categories

There are all types of game categories you can think of ranging from Food to Action. A user can get to see all the various Kizi mobile game categories that are available when he or she visits the web portal. This is not like other web portals that have their main menu section at the top part of their web page. The Kizi Games menu section or category section is located at the left section with icons. There are eight categories for all the games on this platform such as.

  • Dress up.
  • Bubbles Shooter.
  • Racing.
  • Alien.
  • kizi adventures
  • Strategy.
  • Action.
  • Puzzle.

These are all various category section where all the games on this web portal is been categorize into. You can always access the category section as a guest or registered user there is no restrictions on this section.

How to Search For Kizi Games on

If you are looking for a particular game on this portal there are various ways in which you can make a quick search. As a user who is used to gaming web platforms you should have noticed that games are been stored in other categories. This is to enable users who want to play or access a particular game to make a quick search. Let’s take for instance I want to play a particular game I saw someone playing and I don’t know the name of the game.

When I saw the game why it was been played I saw someone holding a gun shooting such game can only be found under action category. You can click on the category in which the game falls in and search through the list of displayed games. There is also a search bar menu at the top right section on the web portal. This is where users can quickly make a search using a keyword. or the name of the game he or she wants.

What’s New on Kizi Games

As we all know that they are thousands of games available on Kizi online games for play. New games are been uploaded on this portal regularly and are been tagged with “NEW” boldly written on them. This is to enable users to identify the old games that have been on this web portal from the newly uploaded once. A user can view multiple categories of games when they click on the homepage icon. This is the icon at left section just below the logo.

How to Play Kizi Games

All games on the Kizi free online games have instructions on how to play. But have noticed that user doesn’t read through these instructions that is why they find it so difficult to play games on this portal. But majorly of users can make use of his or her keyboard or mouse to play games on this online gaming portal. There are games that are touch screen enabled. These games can be best played on a touch screen PC or mobile device. Note that all games on this web portal are available for free. Users can only play them using his or her web browser.

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