LinkedIn Business – Best Strategies for LinkedIn Business Posts

Thousands of Companies all over the world uses the unique LinkedIn business features the platform offers in growing their business. Be it Private or Public businesses. Not because the platform is the base social network for recruiting and hiring, but because more sectors, brands, etc. are using LinkedIn marketing to sell, connect and network. LinkedIn business offers many marketing features for businesses of any type and size, from small to large and private to public. All you need to do to have strong connection with professionals and to develop your business on the outside world is to get started on the LinkedIn Business strategy. You can get this done by creating a LinkedIn account, either Free account or Paid account.

LinkedIn Business - Best Strategies for LinkedIn Business Posts

Having just the LinkedIn basic free account is enough to many home business owners and employees, just depending on what you want to achieve with it. You can as well upgrade later on to one of the paid LinkedIn plans which are; LinkedIn Premium career account, LinkedIn Business Plus account, LinkedIn Learning account, LinkedIn sales Navigator (Three levels) and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. However, upgrading to a LinkedIn paid account increases the chance of accessing more features. Once you’ve signed up for one of those LinkedIn account mentioned earlier, you can create your own Professional profile.

Remember, you’re dealing with a professional-minded website. So, it’s important that your profile represents your business or career. Because your LinkedIn company profile is like a Business card or resume, it is also known as your LinkedIn marketing tool. For that purpose, consider creating a Business-oriented profile, so potential partners can locate and recognize the benefit of partnering with you.

How Can I Start up a LinkedIn Business-Oriented Account?

The guide below will show you how to start up a Linked business-oriented account. It will equip you with the best knowledge and also help you get the best out of your LinkedIn marketing strategy;

  1. After signing up for a LinkedIn account, the next step is to create a LinkedIn page.
  2. Next is to Complete your LinkedIn page by adding more details. This Helps visitors with information they need about your business, and it also improves your business ranking in LinkedIn and Google search results.
  3. Add a Business description; tell people about your mission, vision, values and also input description of your services or products in three to four paragraphs.
  4. Add your office or store location.
  5. Input Hashtags to make your LinkedIn Company profile searchable.
  6. Add a business-oriented cover photo.
  7. Manage language – You can input your name, tagline and business description in more than 15 different languages.
  8. Next, Share your LinkedIn business page
  9. Add LinkedIn buttons like social media icons to the header or footer of your website so its easier for people to quickly locate your LinkedIn Page.

Finally, Create a LinkedIn marketing strategy. Now, with your Company page ready to go, its time to think of the goals your company can achieve on LinkedIn. Are you going to use LinkedIn for Social selling, connecting with potential customers, hiring business experts or carrying all of the above? It all depends on you.

Best Strategies for LinkedIn Business Posts

Here are LinkedIn marketing strategies to attract business minded-people, professionals, partners to your LinkedIn business page;

  1. Get their attention with attractive videos or image.
  2. Post timely and relevant business content.
  3. Keep your written post short.
  4. Call out key points and quotes.
  5. Name the people you are trying to reach out e.g. “Are you a Student” “Are you a working Parent”, etc.
  6. Tag people and pages.
  7. Start with a question to prompt out responses.
  8. Create Linked Polls for engagement and feedback.
  9. Create Strong headlines for your articles.

Finally, endeavour to give quick reply to comments from viewers within a short period of time to encourage more engagement.

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