LinkedIn UK – Create a Business Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn uk is a business oriented social networking site you can make use of to create a business page for your company either big or small. It is often used to keep in touch with professional contacts, broaden your network and also join in discussions, debates and news about things happening in your area of interest and also to look for work and raise your profile and that of your business. Once you have joined LinkedIn you can join groups and see what people in your area of interest are talking about. LinkedIn offers people the opportunity to register for job alert, by so doing you would be the first to receive job alerts tailored to your areas of interest. This platform gives you the opportunity to follow companies. You can follow any of the million plus companies using LinkedIn uk to market their business.

LinkedIn UK - Create a Business Page on LinkedIn

By following a company make sure you are up to date on their latest news, products launch, development, and acquisition. This site also offers things you won’t find in other places, like a full-featured career board where you can search for and apply for jobs. However, you can set up notifications and get emails when there is a new job posting. Furthermore, there is a setting in LinkedIn that lets you alert recruiters that you are actively searching for a job. Some people use LinkedIn to enhance their professional reputation by making posts in the news feed and also commenting on other people’s posts.

Why Should I use LinkedIn uk for my Business?

we all know that LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, it is a platform your business can benefit from whatever the business is. We know that Facebook and twitter are great platforms for growing a business. But you might not have thought about adding LinkedIn to your social media strategy. here are some key benefits.

  • Networking: Build your professional network by connecting with industry contacts.
  • Increase exposure: Make use of LinkedIn to announce new products and services, share blog post and more.
  • Relationship building: Build and strengthen client and customer relationships by connecting and staying in touch on LinkedIn.
  • Credibility: Showcase your brand in a professional environment and gain recommendations from customers or clients.
  • Competition: Keep an eye on what your competitors are up to.

In addition, you can comment on industry news and share your own thoughts in posts and articles, if these sounds good then you are ready to get started with using LinkedIn for business. To do these you will a LinkedIn company page.

How Do I Create a Company’s Page on LinkedIn?

You may already have your own LinkedIn profile, but the one for your business is quite different from this. Your business profile on LinkedIn is called your “company page”, and it is where LinkedIn users can find out all about your business. It is also where you can share company’s news and job opportunities. Here are steps on how to create your company’s page on LinkedIn.

  1. Click the work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click on create a company page.
  3. Select the page type you would like to create from using the following options

 Small business.

Medium to large business.

  • Enter your page identity, or company information.
  • Check the verification box to confirm you have authorization to act on behalf of that company in the creation page.
  • Click create page.

In addition, once you have created your company’s page on LinkedIn, set a reminder to post status updates at least once a day. These will grow your LinkedIn reach and encourage visitors to your website. Also encourage employees to add your new company page to their personal profiles and watch your network grow.

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