List Of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria

List Of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria – Lately, getting a loan online is the trend and so many people are going for this option.  Due to this, several loan apps have emerged and they provide quick and personal loans to qualified borrowers. However, some of these apps are fake and are only a way to scam innocent people with their money. This blog post will provide a list of fake loan apps in Nigeria and how to detect them.

List Of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria

Furthermore, most of these loan apps promise to offer instant loan once you are qualified and they claim to have only 7 days of loan duration. However, this is fake because they have violated the policy of the minimum of 60 days duration and they tend to harass the customers after the 7 days is over. They also request payment before the loan disbursement. People should beware of these loan apps.

List of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria

There are several reasons why some loan apps are removed from the Google Play Store and banned from Nigeria. Most of them failed to meet the requirement of Google policy and have been removed.  It will be better to know about these apps so that you can avoid them. Here are some fake loan apps in Nigeria:

  • 9ja Cash
  • LendCash
  • Sokoloan
  • Palmcredit
  • Rapid Naira
  • BorrowNow
  • Cash Club
  • Ease Cash
  • GotCharger
  • CGMoney
  • GoCash
  • Cash Mall
  • CashLion
  • LCredit
  • Speedy Choice
  • SoftPay
  • ChaCha

Cash Lion Loan         

Cash Lion is among the fake loan app in Nigeria with lots of claims you can’t match. This lending app also describes that its loan tenure is 7 days and there aren’t any hidden charges. Customers should beware and make sure that they don’t fall scam for this.


9credit loan app is well-known for scamming people. It has predominantly earned its spot in the list of fake loan apps in Nigeria. This loan app charges its customers a high interest rate and it also has only 7 days duration instead of the normal 60 days according to Google policy,

Easy Moni

This fake loan app is also on the list. EaseMoni used to be a well know lending platform in Nigeria. This lending app claims that it offers a reliable loan application but turns out that it is fake. This lending app doesn’t have an official website or a physical office. It doesn’t even have a social media handle.

Cash Club

This lending platform gives out quick and insecure instant loans to people without any documentation. CashClub claims that they lend people money and it requires that you download the app and install it. Then you register for an account with your documents and apply for loans. However, this is not true because Cash Club has no instant loan to offer. it asks its customer to pay the initial deposit before the loan.


This loan app has been shut down from Google Play Store. It is one of the most fraudulent on the list of fake apps in the country. They have violated most apps’ policies on the Google Play Store. It also claims to give loans durations of only 7 days which is against the minimum 60 days set out by Google.

Rapid Naira

Rapid Naira claims to provide a quick loan with an easy application; however, this is not the case. The lending app was formerly hosted on Google Play Store and it has a lot of dubious claims of providing quick loans to Nigerians.

This lending app has over five thousand downloads before its cancelation and was removed from Google Play Store. This lending platform doesn’t offer any loan to anyone and it was only designed to scam innocent people of their money.


This lending app is one of the most deceitful lenders to appear on the list of fake loan apps. Their app has been removed because it was discovered by Google Play Store that it was fake. Google’s security system discovered that the app hosted on the network is involved in fraudulent and malicious activities. LCredit uses people’s recordings and photo contacts to spy on them.


PalmCredit claims to be an online lender that borrows up to two thousand nairas instantly without any guarantor or collateral as soon as you register for an account. They claim that you get your disbursement the same day you apply for the loan and only 7 days of loan duration. However, this is only the opposite. This is all tactics to scam customers of their money.

How to Detect Fake Loan Apps

Detecting fake loan apps in Nigeria shouldn’t be too difficult once you look out for loopholes that can identify that the particular loan app is fake. Here are some things that you should look out for:

  1. They are not available on Google Play Store: Any loan app that you can’t find on the play store is probably fake and you should avoid it. Google has tightened its security to avoid new cases of fraud due to the increasing number of fake loan apps. Google has also banned many fake loan applications from its store due to the plea of the Federal Competition Consumer Protection Commission.
  2. Unsecured website: If you want to identify a fake loan app, then you can visit their official website and ensure that the URL is safe. Make use of the HTTPS prefix to identify a safe website in the web address. If the URL is only HTTP without the final s and it is mostly a fake loan application because the original business must follow the security regulations to keep the customer data.
  3. Demands for advance payment: A fake loan app asks for payment before the loan disbursement. Cybercriminals ask for a payment in advance by feeding on the customer’s inexperience. Although you might be charged a fee by an authentic loan app it is never in advance.
  4. Undisclosed loan terms: Be very careful of loan applications with uneven conditions that are never disclosed. Customers must be very careful when asking for information when asking for information concerning the steps, amounts, payments, and the interest rate applied to financing.

It can be easy to fall for the scams of fake loan apps because they look legitimate. However, you should be careful and watch out for several things before you apply for a loan on the app.

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