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If you are looking for any HR employee system online Myloweslife is one of the best platforms. This is a platform that gives you access to your lowe’s benefits. There are lots more you can access on this platform. This is when you click on the link that says are you a former lowe’s employee on the home page.


There is lot of HR-related information available on my lowe’s Benefits platform. A user can also access other information’s like a cobra, medical, dental, vision, spds, 402(k), and lots more. One good thing about Myloweslife is the simplicity and well-documented information related to HR.

This is an American home improvement and appliance store company in the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada. Lowe’s inc was established in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina in the United States. Myloweslife started it expansion into Canada in the year 2007.

My lowes life – was later reformed as my lowe’s Benefits which replaced My Lowes Life. This is an HR platform where employees and his family can also access the benefits by their organization. There is benefits like medical and prescription just to name a few.

Users can also click through menu tabs like Rate, resources and get contact information on the main tab. These are mobile contact and important web links when you click on the contact section.  You can click here to view full vendor contact information for part-time benefits. Note that there are two types of benefits which are.

  • My Full-Time Benefits.
  • Part-time Benefits.

You can click on the ether of both on the very top-most menu. When you click on the part-time benefits you see various options where you can get information about various account plans. And also an option where you can enroll in a benefit plan.

My Lowes Employee Benefits

There are so many benefits for an employee on my lowe’s why working with the organization. This is benefits such as health benefit, insurance, and lots more. This is very very good benefits from lowe’s to keep the employee in good health and when the needful arises. Thou they are other benefits like vacation plans, career training and lots more.

Myloweslife Employee Login

My lowe’s life has a login portal for all employees. This gives them access to their account in other for them to access all the benefits and other services. This is a well secure platform where an employee can access their accounts. I we be talking on the login steps below.

  1. Run your web browser and enter the URL as and wait for the web page to load.
  2. Enter your sales number in the first feed and your password in the second feed.
  3. Click on the login icon just below the password feed.

If all the information you entered is correct you will be able to log in to your account.

Myloweslife Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your myloweslife login password you can run a password recovery. This is a rest option as your old password can not be recovered. All you need to reset your password is to visit and click on the option which says Forgot Password. You will be asked to provide your sales ID so they can identify your account. Now you will be asked to reset your password by entering a new password in the box.

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