Netflix – Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online

Netflix Inc. is an American multinational company that deals with streaming of media such as videos online and physical demand Of videos. Currently, Netflix is the best online streaming service with popular movies and tv series to stream from.

Netflix - Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online

Netflix is also offers its users with popular unlimited movies, award-winning TV shows, featured films, documentaries over internet-connected devices. The company boasts of over 80 million subscribers with over 45 million users constantly online which is more than half of its entire subscribers in the United States.

The interesting thing about the platform is that it can be accessed on devices like Play station, Xbox, Blu-rays players, Chrome cast.  Netflix also offers several rows of options for movies and television shows, sorted by genre.

Some of which includes; action, thriller, comedy, romance, fantasy, and many more. Users can sign up for an account without paying a dime. Netflix account gives new users a 30-day free trial. On the other hand, existing customers can access their account anytime they wish.

How Does it Work?

To understand the unique features of Netflix, you have to create a Netflix account for someone. However, it has unique features such that streaming on the platform is similar to watching a YouTube video. It also users download titles from the library to mobile devices and you don’t have to depend on the data connection.

The platform uses a generic queue to arrange options for movies and television shows for users. As you watch more video content from the platform, Netflix will study your viewing habits; thereby offer you movies with custom genres with colorful names like “80s action comedies”.

Why Use Netflix?

You might be wondering why you should create a Netflix account since you do not have one. Trust me there are plenty of reasons why you should create an account. Below are some of the reasons why you should register an account with Netflix;

  • The platform is the biggest in terms of subscription and fan base.
  • It is cheap in terms of subscription unlike other platforms.
  • You can easily stream trending contents from any internet enabled device and on the go.
  • You have a 30 day free trial after signing up after which you can decide if you want to continue with the service.
  • It is simple and easy to use and understand.
  • Unlike other online media streaming platform, this site is completely ad free. This means that you get to watch and stream Netflix contents without a single commercial popping up.
  • The platform also offers original programs.
  • With the Netflix membership plans offer you can easily choose a plan that is suitable for you. The whole plan is completely flexible. You can downgrade and upgrade your plans at any time.

How Much Does Netflix cost?

Watching movies and TV shows come with different pricing structures for their streaming services. However, you can’t get access to the pricing plan until you create a Netflix account. The pricing plan is on a monthly basis for every user and it is as follows:

  • Basic plan: it goes for $8.99 per user per month. This basic plan doesn’t provide high definition viewing and you can only watch a program on one screen at a time.
  • Standard plan: the Netflix standard plan goes for $12.99 per user per month. This allows two people to watch two videos at the same time.
  • Premium plan: this plan enables users to watch four screens at the same time.

After choosing the best plan for you on the platform, it gives you access to download any movie, TV shows, etc.

Netflix Account Sign Up

As a user who wants to make use of online services. You need to create a user’s account. This is to enable this platform take records of all your activities. If you want to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of movies and tv shows online, you should probably sign up to or follow the registration guide below

  1. Visit on your web browser.
  2. Click on the register icon below the login boxes
  3. Complete the Sign up procedures
  4. Enter a valid email address for verification.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Choose your preferred Netflix subscription plan either basic, standard or premium based on the available options.
  7. Click the register icon, from here you will be re-directed to the payment page where you will enter your payment details to make payment
  8. Confirm your account by email. After this, your registration is complete.

Your first month of registration is free. Where you can enjoy free streaming of movies, tv shows, online rentals etc. using the Netflix free trial. After which, you will pay $7.99 for subscription in the coming months.

This supports every device from mac, smart tv’s, smartphones, pc, tablet amongst other range of devices. But prices differ due to different plans. Each user gets specific billing details, plan details which can either be DVD plans or online streaming.

Netflix Login

If you have already completed the sign up process. You can access your account by following process. Note; this is only for users who has created an account already and they want to access the account.

  1. Visit on your web browser.
  2. Fill in your user ID and password.
  3. Click on the sign in icon to get started.

Now you can gain full access to your account any time you enter your accurate information in the login platform. Login gives you full access to your account and also access to all the available services on the platform. One good thing about this platform is that users can login to this platform via a mobile and smart device.

There is also a fast login section where users can login to this portal using Facebook. When you click on the login with Facebook icon just below the sign in icon. Just click on the login with Facebook icon to access your account.

Netflix Login issues

Most users have fine it difficult to access this platform due to one reason or the other. You might not be able to sign in to due to some issues such as forgot password, your device not compatible.

Forgot Password

If you enter the wrong sign in details such as user ID or password you will not be able to sign in to your account. To get your password back you need to visit the website on your web browser and click “forget password” then select your preferred retrieval method.

Preferably text message. You will be sent  a code to enter that will aid in retrieving your password. Besides, if your account is not linked to your mobile number. You will have to reset your password via email.

Your Device not Compatible

There has been some complains about some devices not been compatible or the device not allowing you to sign in when you can sign in from other devices.To fix this you have to change your Netflix password via your computer and try again. If this doesn’t work check your time and date settings on your device. If the problem persists reset your account. This problem occurs mostly on appleTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Watch Netflix Online?

Of course yes. This platform is an online platform. Most of your business regarding the platform if not all is carried out online. This simply you can most certainly watch Netflix online. Although you can watch Netflix offline. But before you can watch Netflix offline you first of all need to download the said content. This can only be done online.

How to Watch and Stream Online

This is quite easy, all you have to do to watch Netflix online is to access your account, and there you have it. What I mean is, to watch Netflix online you will have to log in to Netflix account with your log in details. In order words if you do not have a Netflix account you will have to create one. This is because without an account you cannot gain access to Netflix itself.

How do I Restart my Netflix Account Membership?

First of all, to restart your Netflix account, you need to Netflix account login information that includes your email address or phone number and password. Afterward, you can use the following instruction to restart your Netflix account:

  • Go to on your web browser.
  • Then, enter your email address and password to sign in.
  • Click on your profile and select Restart Your Membership.
  • Follow the instruction to restart your account.

Note; if your account was restarted without you knowing, it is best your cancel your Netflix subscription or account. Meaning that you need to change your password once you cancel your membership plan. Ensure that you click on the checkbox “Required all devices to sign in again with a new password.) For all devices to which your account is signed in will request a new password.

Is Restarting my Account the Same as Deleting it?

To Restart a Netflix account is like renewing your subscription or creating an account from the beginning. But when it comes to deleting your account, this is practically saying you no longer want to continue with the services. When you delete your account, there is no point or guideline in recovering your account.

How do I Access the Netflix Help?

The Netflix help feature or function is a platform helps new users and subscribers get through the platform. To access Netflix help feature you have to visit their help online platform or you can either contact them via their customer care line.

The Netflix customer service line and you will fine their mobile on their official website. To access the help function online, go to on your device. Note: Before you can get access to this feature or function you need to have a valid account.

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