OLX – Global Online Buy & Sell Marketplace | www.olx.com

So far several offline and online marketing platforms have struggled to survive the wrath of scam and fraudsters on their commercial platform. OLX ranked as international and global in the commercial market of buying and selling of new and fairly used products. www.olx.com services as both the online and offline market for users who want to buy or sell used and new products all around the world. Plus, at the convenience of the OLX app shopping is made easier and faster.

OLX -  Global Online Buy & Sell Marketplace | www.olx.com

Olx was launched in 2016 as a global market for users who want to sell used and new items. This is an online marketplace that operates in over 45 countries around the globe. Statistics have shown that www.olx.com is the biggest of all classified advertising platform in Brazil, Pakistan, India, and Poland. As said by Wikipedia, fabric Grinda and Alec Oxenford are the founders of this great platform.

Olx.com Web Platform

The olx online web portal is open to both buyers and sellers who currently has a product or service he or she wants to sell or buy. Olx offers free classifieds adverts for both sellers and buyers who are currently logged on to this platform. Most users now see Olx.com platform as a web portal to buy new, used, and fairly used products and services.

There is more to just buying on Olx.com web platform. Users can find a job, get real estate services on this web platform. There are millions of Ads on this platform so users need to make use of the search bar to make a quick search to find what he or she wants to buy. The admin of this web platform has made it possible that users can now browse through series of categories to find what they want to buy such as:

  • Animals & Pets.
  • Electronic & Video.
  • Fashion & Beauty.
  • Home Furniture & Garden.
  • Mobile Phones & Tablets.
  • Real Estate.
  • Job & Services.
  • Vehicles.
  • Hobbies, Art & Sport.

Olx.com was launched and established strictly for the purpose of buying and selling. If you have anything you don’t use anymore why not sell it on www.olx.com web platform. This is where you can get to meet real buyers to buy things you don’t need anymore.

Sell on Olx.com

On this web platform, everyone can be a seller. There are no restrictions on who can sell on this platform. But one thing you should have in mind that you need to update your contact information for everyone who is interested in what you want to sell. If you have anything you want to sell on olx.com here is how to get that done.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the url as www.olx.com in the address bar section.
  2. Click on the sell your item icon at the top menu on the top right corner on the home page.
  3. Choose how you want to sell your product. Either olx champ sells for you or sell yourself.
  4. Give your product a catchy title. This will help to attract more customers to your product (e.g., “Used Like New Samsung Galaxy S8 for sale – excellent condition”).
  5. Describe your product completely. Provide as much pertinent information as you can in a few words.
  6. Complete the ‘Seller Information’ field provided just below. Make sure all your information’s are entered correctly. This is the only way for potential customers to contact you.

You need to add images of your products. Images that show the condition of the product, add enough high-quality images to make an impactful, attractive impression about your product. Recheck all your details and then select the Post my ads option. It is better to waste a few minutes in rechecking than to post a wrong advertisement.

Buy on Olx.com

How you look for a platform where you can buy your favourite cell phone at affordable price. Olx is here for you to browse through thousands of classified Ads published by users who truly wants to sell the product or item you are looking for. Login to the web platform today and access to the product that you desire at an affordable price. Below is a step by step process on how to buy on this web platform.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter www.olx.com in the address bar section.
  2. Enter a search keyword on the search box and enter a city in which you prefer or in at the moment.
  3. Now here is where you get to see series of Ads on the product or item you search for.
  4. Click on the preferred Ads of your choice from the list of displayed ads to get the sellers information.
  5. Click on the show contact information at the top right section.

Note that olx is not a platform where you make a payment for any product or services. You need to meet with the seller in person before you make payment. Do not send money to anybody account in other to ship your item for you. make sure that any product you’re considering meets your needs and priced fairly. You can always contact the seller using the details provided.

Helpful Tip on How to Buy on Olx.com

It is always necessary that you organise a meeting point. so that you can check out the item in person and decide if it suits your needs. It is advised to meet in public and be aware that some sellers might be deceptive about their products. Check each potential purchase out thoroughly before completing the transaction.

You can make payment for the product when you are fully satisfied with the condition of the product. As it known that OLX is not an E-commerce website, it only helps buyers and sellers to meet and finalise deals. Olx plays no role in product selling but buyers must meet in person with their arranged sellers for the products.

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