Pluto TV – Watch Unlimited Live TV | Movies | Series

Your monthly subscription is almost over and your budget can’t handle another one. It is fine, have you heard about Pluto TV? Pluto TV is one of the most popular and best streaming services out there. It is an internet TV service owned by Paramount streaming. However, this is a supported video-on-demand service that offers a large selection of programming content on digital linear channels. It is designed to emulate the experience of traditional broadcast programming. Meanwhile, Pluto TV licenses its content from different providers and as of March 2022, it has dealt with 190 content partners providing over 260 channels and 200,00 hours of programming. Its content is made available via the website and app. Pluto TV provides free movies and channels for all TV lovers who want to stream comfortably in their comfort zone.

Pluto TV - Watch Unlimited Live TV | Movies | Series

Furthermore, to make use of Pluto TV, you can stream it either on the website or download the app to any of the supported devices. The most interesting of this streaming service is that you do not need to register an email address or input your credit card details. Therefore, just fire either the Pluto app or website and you can start watching free movies and shows immediately. However, you can also choose to register if you want. The account gives you special features like designated channels and a resuming watching a channel on a different device. Nevertheless, it has millions of movies on demand and airing live movie channels, ranging from different genres to Black cinema and 80s Rewind. It also has the best in blockbuster films, cult classics, and hit movies. with Pluto TV free movies, you will find something for everyone and hits like Total recall, Rango, pulp fiction, and many more.

Channels Categories

There are different things to watch on Pluto TV. However, at the moment, below are the channel categories available on the services. Each of the categories has several individual channels, if not more to watch;

  • Featured
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Reality
  • Movies
  • Classic TV
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Sports
  • Classic TV
  • Home + DIY
  • Gaming+ Anime
  • Music
  • Kids
  • Explore
  • Latino
  • Kids
  • Local

There are way too many channels available on it which is why we have grouped them for your pleasure. If you want to know what the category entails, visit the Pluto TV website or download the app.

Pluto TV App and Supported Devices

Before we talk about how to download the app or visit the website, let’s talk about the supported devices. The Pluto app is available on different devices including web browsers. It is also available on major smart TVs, streaming boxes, smartphones, and sticks. Below are the Pluto TV-supported devices;

  • Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Android tablet and mobile
  • Amazon Fire TV stick and Fire TV
  • Apple TV ( fourth generation)
  • Roku TVs and Roku devices
  • Google Chromecast
  • Web browsers
  • Android TV various
  • TiVo Stream 4K

You can make use of the Pluto TV on any of the above devices. It is available on the platforms and devices for free.

Pluto TV App Download

Just like I have mentioned many times above, Pluto TV App is very easy and free to download and use. It only requires you a stable and strong connection. Once you have a better connection, the process only takes a few minutes. Below are the step-by-step guidelines on how you can download the app easily on your IOS and Android devices;

  • Open your Google Play Store or App store
  • Make use of the search engine on the store to search for ‘’ Pluto TV App’’
  • On the Google play store, click on install
  • On the App Store, click get, then install
  • Wait for a while

With the above, you have successfully downloaded the Pluto TV App on your IOS or Android device. All you just need to do now is to make use of the search engine on the app to find your favorite movie and start streaming

Pluto TV web- do you not want to use the app? it is very normal since the website does not take up any space on your device, unlike the app. To make use of the streaming service on your browser all you just need to do is visit and you are good to go

How to Watch on Pluto TV

To stream channels on this service is very easy and does not require you anything at all. Just like I have said above you do not need to open an account. However, to enjoy more features, you can sign up if you want.  Below is how to sign up for an account on Pluto TV

Sign-up process (Optional)

  • Open the app or website
  • On the first page, click on the icon at the top right corner of the screen
  • Click the Signup button
  • On the next page, enter required personal information like name, email address, etc
  • Click sign up and finish up the process

To watch- After the signup process, go back to the main page either on the website or app, and make use of the search engine to search for the movie or channel of your choice. Once you find it just click on play or start watching. Also, you can just click on the channel showing live if it is what you want.

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