QR Code iPhone – Scan a QR Code from a Picture

QR code, which also means quick response code, is a square-shaped black and white symbol on iPhone and Android devices. People can use it to scan a product if they want to learn more about it. This square code can hold links, coupon codes, and event details. And other private information that business organizations might need for a referral or something.

QR Code iPhone - Scan a QR Code from a Picture

QR codes for iPhones usually look like perfect square-shaped images found on direct mail, billboards, and commercial advertisements. This allows you to quickly scan the code on the board using your phone to learn more about the information. Also, QR codes are available for Bus stop advertisements or for promoting your podcast. This will be a means by which consumers can get to you through the QR code.

How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone

In order to scan a QR code, there are certain procedures, and that is what I will be sharing in this session. It is possible to scan any QR code; however, you need to know the best ways to do it without wasting time. There are several products that you can access on their platform just by scanning their QR code. You might also need the direct website of the commercial product, which the QR codes will provide for you. Here are a few steps on how to scan a QR code:

  • Open the camera app from the home screen, control center, or lock screen
  • Select the rear-facing camera. Hold your device so that the QR code appears in the viewfinder in the camera app. Immediately, your device recognizes the QR code and shows a notification.
  • Tap the notification to open the link associated with the QR code.

Can you scan the code without an app?

Yes, there are some built-in apps on the iPhone that can scan QR codes, thanks to Apple’s iOS 11 update. However, It is a very good feature on the iPhone device, which has a QR code scanning feature in its camera application. Here is a list of apps you could use to scan QR codes:

  • Camera app: The camera app that is on your iPhone is also a QR code reader.
  • Kaspersky QR scanner: This particular app is a renowned security company and one of the niche apps. That offers the best QR code reading.
  • QR Code Reader by Scan: This is a free app that you can use on any iPhone to scan QR codes.

All the above-listed apps will give you better QR code scanning, but you need to start knowing how to scan a QR code. Also, because we are in the world, uploading all private information about the commercial product will be hard. However, all you need is the QR code and you will be able to view the website and many other things you need to know about the product and services

How To Use Live Text To Scan QR Codes On Your iPhone

Scanning a QR code is so easy that you can even use the in-built live feature on your iPhone to scan any QR code. You can also scan screenshots with a QR code on them with this feature. In a case where you want to scan a code that is on a website or in an app, the best thing to do is take a screenshot of the QR code and save it.

The next step is to visit your phone’s photo app, tap on the image with the code, and tap on the live text icon that is at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Tap on the already highlighted QR code and choose to open in Safari to navigate to the website page.

Another Way To Scan a QR Code on iPhone

Another method you can adopt is to simply download a QR code scanner app on your phone. There are several free QR code scanners in the app store. All you have to do is visit your app store and use the search bar to locate a QR code by typing. You can simply search for “QR Reader for iPhone” and download the first app. That is the most recommended QR scanner for the iPhone.

Once you download the app, launch it by tapping on it, and then tap on the “OK” option when it requests access to your device’s photo library. In the next phase, you will see a flower icon. Tap on it to access your photo gallery. Tap on the image you want to scan. Hold a bit while the app loads the website page for you.

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