Roomba 960 – Get A Perfect Cleaning Machine

Should I buy Roomba 960 and is iRobot 960 good for Carpet? In the meantime, iRobot is one of the largest and leading companies in the robotic industry. The company produces, manufactures, and develops high intelligent Robot Vacuum cleaner which helps to clean your homes seamlessly. iRobot’s main products include home vacuum cleaners; Roomba, Floor Moppers; Braava, and many other autonomous cleaning devices. However, each product comes with different versions and functionality. Roomba 960 is one of the versions of the iRobot autonomous home vacuum cleaner.  This Robot can seamlessly navigate from one room to another to clean the entire level of your home.

Furthermore, Roomba 960 comes with advance and unique features which help to save you the stress of performing any cleaning and you will get the best experience from this product.  The robot has sensors and cameras which enables them to learn the entire layout of your home and when to clean a particular room. Roomba 960 is good for both carpet and hard floors as they can suck up some hairs and large debris like sand but they struggle with small dirt particles. iRobot 960 works with Google Assistant and Alexa which allows the robot to start cleaning at the sound of your voice. Keep reading through this article to find out more about this product.

Roomba 960 Review

According to research, Roomba 960 was first Launched on August 4, 2016. And since the inception of the product, it has been able to meet up the expectation of its users. iRobot product doesn’t stop working until it has completed its job.  It comes with intelligent maps and can effectively and thoroughly clean the entire level of your home. Although the robot is quite expensive, you can get the product for $700 and don’t forget it comes with a lot of advanced features such as Wi-fi, Voice assistant, a camera for easy navigation and a lot more.

Additionally, Roomba 960 provides you with a purposeful and logical cleaning and its user’s floor tracking sensors to navigate around your home. You even get to personalize your robot thereby allowing you to set your cleaning schedules.  The product has a high rating from all its customers across the world due to its efficient performance. It doesn’t only clean your floors but it can also empty itself too. Also, the home vacuum cleaner is moderately loud but won’t disturb your sleep. The Robot is a great vacuum cleaner and is ideal for every home.

Roomba 960 Amazon  Description

In this part of the article, you will get the perfect description of the iRobot Roomba 960. Check out the outlines below;

  • Brand – iRobot
  • Color -Black
  • Surface Recommendation – Hard Floors and Carpets
  • Controller Type – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Vera
  • Battery Cell type- Lithium Ion

Also, the Roomba 960 product comes with a one-year warranty. You can either purchase the product from the Amazon store or the official website of iRobot.

Is It Worth it?

Yes, Roomba 960 is worth it for everyone searching for an advanced home vacuum cleaner with great features and functionality. As earlier mentioned, the product is quite expensive but its functionality is one thing to look out for.  You can control the robot using the iRobot home app which can be downloaded from the Google Play and App store. In conclusion, this iRobot product is worth it but you can also check out other iRobot products like Roomba 980, Roomba 965, Roomba e5, and a lot more.

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