Truecaller – Best Caller ID & Spam Blocking App

Truecaller – Caller ID & Block & App Download
Truecaller is a mobile application that shows the true identity of who your caller is. This is an application best use on mobile phone and tablets that has the ability to make a telephone call. This app is designed to identify the caller’s ID using a global telephone directory. This app is available on a various mobile platforms such as.

Truecaller - Best Caller ID & Spam Blocking App
  • iOS (iPhone).
  • Android OS.
  • Windows Phone.
  • BlackBerry OS.
  • Series 40.
  • Symbian s60.
  • Firefox OS.
  • Tizen.

Truecaller App Features

Do you have an incoming call or someone called hiding his number and you want to know who the person is before you pick up your call. This app is the best mobile app that can identify the unwanted and restricted Identity of your caller. You can also block a particular number from calling you. This app has a unique feature and functionality. With Truecaller you can:

  • Search for any number that calls your mobile line to see who the person is.
  • Show identity of unwanted calls and spammers.
  • Show how many times a particular number has been reported spam.
  • Automatically add real information to your contacts such as photos and other personal information from Truecaller.
  • A user can Tweet and also Follow a user on Twitter right from Truecaller app.

This is an application design to enhance the identity ability of smartphones. Way back I can remember when a number call me for the first time. I usually don’t know who the caller is. Not until I pick up the call to know who the person is.

But with the help of truecaller I can quickly identify the users and decide if I pick up the call. Or not answer at all. This is a true identification service from Truecaller app. It works just too fast when syncing users information to your mobile phone.

After a successful installation of Truecaller. It requires your permission to gain access to sync with Facebook. This will automatically collect data information of your friends from Facebook such as numbers and pictures. And add up this information to you existing contact information.

Truecaller needs an Internet connection to run properly either 3G or wifi connections. As a user make sure that your internet data is always up and running. Because Truecaller needs to connect at every time a call comes in other to get the caller ID.

Truecaller App Download

To download the app click on our direct download link to Install directly from Google Play.
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For Older Version

Above is a direct download link to this app. by clicking on the link. Download starts immediately.

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