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Do you know that you can find Jobs on Twitter? Twitter is a perfect solution for job hunting just like LinkedIn.  The Twitter Job is an online platform which allows you to search or create job opportunities for others. Also, Twitter is not just a platform for tweeting but can also serve as a tool for job hunting. On Twitter, you can search for jobs and find the job of your dream. The process is easy and straightforward. In the article, I will be giving you reasons why you should use Twitter jobs and you can find Jobs on the platform.

Twitter Jobs

Reasons to use for Job hunting – Twitter Jobs

Twitter might not be the most common platform to search for jobs, as it is LinkedIn, but it doesn’t mean it not great for job hunting. Here are some reasons to use Twitter for job hunting;

  • Twitter job hunting is very simple. You can easily get the attention of the audience in the industry you want.
  • Branding Opportunities.
  • You can easily get access to organizational decision-makers on the platform.
  • As a job hunter, you can use twitter to show off your other content.
  • You can also get notified of Job opportunities.

The above are some reasons why you should use Twitter for job hunting.

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Finding Twitter Jobs – Twitter Jobs

To search for jobs on Twitter, you would need to have a Twitter Handle or login if you already have one. You can use the Twitter mobile app or website. There are lots of jobs you can find on Twitter, but there are something’s you would need to do to get noticed. Finding Twitter jobs are simple and fast. The way you present your profile on Twitter, can catch the attention of potential employers and give you a job.

How to use Twitter to find Jobs – Twitter Jobs

Like I said above on this guide, your profile or your presentation of yourself on Twitter is your passport to get opportunities. Here are things that you can do to get noticed;

Make Your Profile Professional

Your profile is your selling point, so make sure to look good with it. It is your CV, so let things are formal. Your bio should be simple, below 160 characters, make sure to take your time and make it presentable. Change your DM Settings, so you can be messaged by anyone, including none followers. Your profile picture should be decent and a cover photo too. Your first impression matters a lot.

Build your Network on Twitter

Having a strong network on Twitter takes a little amount of time and effort, followers don’t just come overnight. It takes work and activeness on the platform. To get started, follow those people in the organization or company you want to work with. Follow the company directly. Following is not just enough; you would need to engage with their tweets to get attention.

Interact and Engage with the people you follow

Following alone won’t get you the result you want. You would need to start interacting and engaging with them and build up connections. You can build connections by retweeting and also giving a point on the contents they publish. You would need to be retweeting with them at least once in a day.

Find Job Vacancies on Twitter

You can search for jobs on Twitter because there are companies looking for employers and make tweets about the roles available. So searching is a great way too. Another way is by using searching and using popular hashtags relating to the field you want.

We hope this guide would be helpful for you.

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