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Confused about the “twitter unfollow”? Well, don’t be confused the “twitter unfollow” also means unfollow twitter, which is how you can easily unfollow people on the twitter platform. Now today I am going to be giving you steps on how you can unfollow people on twitter. Now not only unfollow but also how you can follow people. Today there will be a lot of things to learn, you are going to learn how to create a twitter account. But before that, we must start from the basic, which is “knowing what the twitter is”. The reason for this is, because a lot of people reading this article may not know what twitter is, in order words, it is their first hearing about twitter. So let us begin with what twitter is.

Twitter Unfollow


Twitter is a social media website or platform, that is mainly used to connect people together no matter how far the distance and also allow people to share their thoughts with a big audience. You can say it is a small world because it allows us to meet new friends and also learn new things. Twitter allows its users to discover stories regarding events that are taking place or took place across the world. It is not a platform only for chatting but also a platform where you can get news updates from. You can get politics news, celebrity news, sport news and all kind of news you can think of. But you must have an account on twitter if you want to make use of the Twitter platform.

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How to Create Twitter Account

If you want to create a twitter account, then you must read these steps am about to give to you below;

  • Go to the website.
  • Then click the sign-up button.
  • Now enter your names, your email address, also your password.
  • Also, your username, when you have completed the form, click “create my account”.
  • Then click “next”.
  • Now you will be asked to follow 3 people with some selections of people given.
  • Then you will be asked to confirm your email, so a link will be sent to your email.
  • Check your email and click the link, then your account has been fully set up.

This is how you can create a twitter account.

Unfollow For Twitter Free – Twitter Unfollow

Now I will tell you how you can unfollow people on twitter very easily. Here are the steps for you to follow;

  • Go to the twitter website.
  • Then simply login to your Twitter account.
  • Now click the “following” link at the top of the screen.
  • Now just find the person you want to unfollow and then left-click on the little gear icon on the right side of their name.
  • You will now see a drop-down box menu, select “unfollow” then their names will disappear from your following list.

This is how to unfollow people on twitter.

Who to Follow On Twitter 2019 – Twitter Unfollow

Looking for whom to follow on twitter well, then I will tell you how you can follow on twitter;

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • Then from the twitter home page, type in the name of the person you want to follow.
  • Then click search, you will now see list of what you have searched for.
  • Find the one you want and then click the “follow” link beside the name of the person.
  • You can also choose to find friends, this service logs into your yahoo, Gmail account and then searches your contact lists for people already using Twitter.

This is how you can follow people on twitter.

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