Virtual Dollar Cards – Best Virtual Cards In Nigeria For Dollar

There has been a wonderful increase in the number of excellent financial institutions and service providers In Nigeria alone. These financial providers are all skilled in the delivery of the best financial services, including top-notch virtual dollars. And in case you didn’t know, virtual dollar cards are one of the newest and best gigs that are making their rounds on the internet.

Virtual Dollar Cards - Best Virtual Cards In Nigeria For Dollar

Firstly, Virtual dollar cards are services that everyone wants a piece of. This is because of their usefulness in the world of finance. For whatever reason, people love the purchase and process of getting one because of its purpose in traditional buying and selling.  While this is going on, more and more reliable financial companies are offering the best options for virtual cards to make use of.

In addition to this, there are many good options for a virtual dollar card that you can get. especially in Nigeria. If you would like a list of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, then Headups has some of the best options heading your way in this article.

What Is A Virtual Dollar Card?

In case you didn’t know, a virtual dollar card is actually a money card that is nonphysical. However, it allows you to make transactional payments online. A lot of people in Nigeria use this non-physical card for financial transactions. And for some, they use it because they can’t use real cards, like debit or credit cards, in Nigeria. Hence, these virtual cards help them make these payments with ease.

In addition to this, virtual dollar cards can improve payments among international platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, Netflix, Facebook, and many more. Another huge benefit of these dollar cards is that you don’t have to visit a bank to get them. It is very easy to get a virtual dollar card using your Smartphone.

Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria

Here are some of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria that you can get to make the most of transactional payments and online shopping:

Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card

Chipper Cash is the obvious best choice of virtual dollar cards because it allows you explicitly to make and complete international transactions. When you get a Chipper Cash dollar card, you can easily fund it using your Chipper wallet, and this process is free. In addition, when you get your Chipper Cash dollar card, the maximum withdrawal limit on this card is $1,000. However, there isn’t any limit for a total withdrawal on the card.

Also, Chipper Cash is legit and highly recommendable, and you can easily fund your card with a daily limit of $1,000. The monthly withdrawal limit is $5000.

Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

The Fundall is another virtual dollar card in Nigeria that you should also consider. It is another card provider that enables you to complete international payments. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any cross-border restrictions.

Once you get the app, you can create a virtual dollar card, which is free for the first time. Oh, another cool thing you should know about Fundall is that it also allows you to create multiple virtual dollar cards. Such cards allow you to make one-time payments for your rigorous transactions. Also, you will need to begin by funding your virtual dollar card with a low charge of $5 or more. Once you have done that, you can start using the virtual dollar card.

Carbon Virtual Dollar Card

Carbon was reputed to be one of the best digital lenders before it emerged to become one of the top digital banks in Nigeria. Now, you can get a Carbon virtual dollar card with ease here in Nigeria. Also, Carbon can be used to make and complete multiple transactions and payments, like instant loans, bill payments, money transfers, and many more.

In addition to this, the Carbon virtual dollar card can be used on international platforms to make payments. It can also be used on offline platforms that support virtual dollar cards.

ALAT By Wema

The ALAT Virtual Dollar Card is another great option on the list. With this card, you can make payments on other international platforms as well. This is a digital card that’s regulated by Wema Bank and allows you to make international purchases.

Furthermore, the process of creating an ALAT virtual card is easy and free. You can also fund yourself with a large amount, as much as $20,000. This whole thing can be done from your Naira account.


Eyowo is a reputable digital bank that provides customers with all the best financial services, like sending and transferring money, paying bills with their phone numbers, accessing funds, etc. In addition to this, you can also get an Ewoyo virtual dollar card, which can be funded with as little as a single dollar or more. Also, there is no funding limit to what you can do on the Ewoyo virtual dollar card.


A great choice for a payment platform where you can get a virtual dollar is Changera. The Changera is another great choice of the digital platform that provides good services. They include getting an exclusive virtual dollar card for you. You can use the virtual card you get to make payments all around the world, and it charges low fees. All Changera users get the choice to make a free virtual card.

Payday Virtual Dollar Card

Payday is one of the top virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. Honestly, Payday is an excellent financial platform where you can get a virtual dollar card. Payday actually has various features like paying bills, making international purchases, opening foreign accounts, and many more. When you create your virtual card on Payday in Nigeria, there are no funding or withdrawal limits on the card when you use it.

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