Wapday – Free Android App & Games | Wapday.com

Wapday is an all about the around the android community, where users can get access to download their favorite games and app all for free. This is a wap portal like no other wap portal. Wapday.com focuses on strictly game and mobile applications.

Wapday - Free Android App & Games | Wapday.com

At first, when I saw the wapday.com web portal. I thought it was just like waptrick, wapdam, waphan, and zonkewap portal. I must say this is a wap portal that is well focused on mobile applications and mobile games. There are lots of apps for users to download both paid and free apps on the www.wapday.com portal.

Visit web.wapday.com and get access to download mobile wapday app and mobile wapday games. There are just lots of apps and games categories as well as wapday music, on this wap portal than other wap portals you can think of. A user can find all his or her favorite android app on this platform.

Wapday.com  Android Wap Platform

There are lots of web portal where you can download games, apps, wapday java games, and other media files, such as music videos and lots more. This is a web portal where you can download only android games and apps. If you have an android device, be rest assured that you can download wapday games and apps on your device.

There is no much to do on this platform as users are required to login or sign up for an account. You can visit the web portal and access the main menu section for easy navigation. There are some other sections on Wapday.com that can be used as a quick navigation tool. But let’s take a look at the main menu section.

Wapday Main Menu

This is the section where a user can get access to all the file on this platform. There are five major categories on the main menu section. Most users still find it so difficult to locate a particular Application or games. But let see what’s in the main menu section.

  • Home.
  • Newest.
  • Popular.
  • Most Rated.
  • Search Bar.

When we are talking navigation. A web portal should be user-friendly. This is where the above-listed section comes in. If you have been trying to look for particular content, as a result of that you have opened multiple pages. In other to return back to the default page click on the home icon to go back to the home page.

The Newest section is where you can find a list of newly uploaded games or apps. Same as popular and most rated. Most users still don’t know what search bar is used for. This is where a user has to enter a keyword he or she wants to make a search on and click on the search icon. Wapday free download has made it possible that users can now make a quick search for games and apps using the search bar.

How To Download Wapday Apps and Games

In other to download on this platform make sure you have a reliable internet connection. If your Internet connection is working well then let’s get started by launching your web browser. Here are the wapday games download steps:

  1. Enter web.wapday.com in the URL address bar section to access the wap day games free download.
  2. Search for the app or game you want to download and click on it.
  3. You can see two options, such as Download Now with QR Code and Install from Google play store.

You can start downloading using either of both options. If you have click on download with the QR Code. You need to scan the code using your device camera or click install from Google play store to start the download. Note wapday always add a short description of the game or app in the download section.

Wapday Mp3 Music Download

Asides from the apps and games offered by Wapday.com, the Wapday mp3 music download is another category of content in which you can download from the website. Wapday offers a wide range of free mp3 music to download and listen. Plus the Wapday mp3 search is another category in which you can search for music to download. Use the step above to download music from the website by visiting the mp3 music page and download.

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