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Wapin is an all-around mobile wap site for music, games, and other mobile files. This wap site deals with only mobile games and Apps ranging from Java to Android. Users can also get access to their favorite Bollywood movie mp3 music The mobile HUB Wapin is more like a link to other wap sites that is open to all mobile users. But it makes you feel like you are still in the same interface.

Wapin - Free Games | Apps | Music | Download on Wap.in

In other to access wapin portal user needs to enter the URL on the URL address bar. One mistake that most users make is that they still enter the URL as wap.in which is also correct but this URL we link you up to the Waphan portal. No one can really tell what’s happing on this site. But the good thing is that you can get all the files on wapin from waphan.com for free.

A lot of free mobile download website has been unified with Waptrick.com. Such website includes Wapdam, Waphan, Zonkewap, Gratisinho, Mexicowap, Wapafull, Wap.in, and Zamob. Access to the free mobile download site is now redirected to Waptrick.com. Meaning when you visit www.wap.in on your website, it will direct you to either Waptrick.com or Waptrick. one where you can continue downloading free mobile apps.

Initially, Waptrick or Wap.in is the best source of mobile downloading content where access to mobile content such as games, 3gp videos, mp4 films, photos, wallpapers are accessible for free. It is built with a user-friendly internet that gives visitors easy-to-use navigation to various categories of content on the website. For example, you can find your favorite Waptrick category and browser for Waptrick videos, wallpapers, games, and other suitable free mobile downloads.

What Happened to Wap.in

Currently, Wap.in is no longer accessible on the search engine. The website has been shut download and completely from search results. This is because of the high level of piracy on the website. Pirated website has hugely affected the world entertainment economy. Whereby giving people a free dedicated platform where they can stream or watch and download content that includes movies, tv-series, apps, games, and more.

However, Wapin.com is now owned by Waptrick.com and other related free mobile download sites like Zonkewap, Wapdam, Waphan, and more. The shut down of the website lead to the unification of the website under Waptrick.com, therefore, forwarding all activities on the website to a new interface known as Waptrick.com or Waptrick.one.

Waptrick.com is a friendly free mobile download. It similarity is that Wapin and the site is built with a different group of content that includes Waptrick videos from downloading videos, Waptrick games for downloading games, Waptrick apps to download action games, and more other free mobile downloads content.

Categories of Best Wapin Content on Waptrick.com  

Just like I mentioned earlier, the new Wapin free mobile downloads enable you to select the best content or your favorite content to download from the website. If looking for games, apps, or music to download, you can browse through the following categories of best wapin content on Waptrick.com:

  • TV Series
  • Dropant Play Online
  • Waptrick Videos
  • Photos & Pictures
  • Animations
  • Sound Effects
  • Waptrick Games
  • Waptrick Applications
  • Song Lyrics, and more.

With these following categories, you can download applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Opera Mini, Games like Call of Sniper, Snake Games, Racing Moto, Townsmen, Star Traders RPG Elite, Bmx Boy, and more.

Wapin App – Free Applications Download @ Waptrick.com

Wapin app download is accessible via Waptrick.com where you can find thousands of free mobile applications to download. You can fill the empty space of your phone with amazing apps that include fun apps, photos apps, and more. Categories like this help to sort the search for app you want to download:

  • Phone/SMS
  • Antivirus/Security
  • Social/Funny
  • Tools/Gadgets
  • Music/Photo
  • Religion
  • Guides
  • Dictionaries
  • Misc Apps
  • Themes
  • Live Wallpaper
  • Games

How to Download Apps on Waptrick.com

To download apps from Wapin, you need to access the new official Waptrick.com where instead of the www.wap.in site. Hence, you can follow the instruction to go about the procedure;

  • Open your web browser and visit www.waptrick.com or www.waptrick.one
  • Scroll down to select Waptrick Applications.
  • There you’ll find the list of categories mentioned above.
  • Then, you can select the category of the app.
  • Click on the app once you’ve made your selection.

Finally, you can click on the Download icon to start the download process of the application from the Waptrick.com application site. That’s all.

Wapin Game – Free Android Games & Java Games Download @ Waptrick.com

To get full access to wapin games you can enter the URL as waptrick.one/en/game/ by using this web address you will automatically gain access to the game section of wapin. Where you get to see categories like:

  • New Waphan Games.
  • Dropant Online Games.
  • Arcade Games.
  • Kid Games.
  • Action Games.
  • Racing Games.
  • Movie Games.
  • Classic Games.

Right with your mobile phone you can enjoy all the services on wap.in for free. You can also get free access to waphan.com from this site. This site has the same user interface as waphan. If you are using these two hubs for the first time you won’t even know when you are on the waphan portal.

I have been trying to download games directly from this portal but it keeps linking to other sites. But you will also get the file from the portal you are being linked to. One good thing is that there is no login page where you have to enter your login information to access this site and other hubs associated with it.

How to Download Free Android Games from Waptrick Game Site

The procedure to download free Android games & java games from Waptrick.com games site is similar to every other download procedure on the site. But first you need to ensure that you device is well compatible for the download. Then you can follow the process:

  • Visit www.waptrick.com or www.waptrick.one on your mobile phone web browser.
  • Scroll down to select Waptrick Games.
  • You’ll find the list of categories mentioned above.
  • Search for the game you want to download by scrolling down to see more games
  • Click on the Game once you’ve made your selection.

During the process of downloading games on the website, you’ll be provided with different quality links to the free download. Just select the link that is compatible for your screen to enjoy playing games on your mobile phone.

Wapin Song – Free MP3 Music Download @ Waptrick.com

Looking for where to download free mp3 music online. Initially, there are different free mp3 download that offers you access to unlimited download of your favorite music. One which is Wapin song also known as Waptrick music. To download music from the website, waptrick.com/en/mp3_music/ where you can find free mp3 downloads. Categories like

  • Remix/Hit Songs
  • Classical/Contemporary
  • Electronic Music
  • Rock/Metal Music
  • Popular Music
  • Nigeria Special
  • Dance
  • Oldies
  • Tv/Movie Songs

Under these following, you can still sort your search on what music you want to download either Rap/HipHop, Reggae, Rnb, and more.

How to Download Free Mp3 Music

  • Visit the website waptrick.com/en/mp3_music/ on either your PC or Android.
  • Select either New Music, New Global Music, Most Downloaded Music, Most Downloaded Global Music or other categories.
  • Then, select the music.
  • Click on Download.
  • Then select the best quality mp3 music download format.

That’s all. Keep in mind, the Waptrick.com search engine is another option where you can instantly search for games, apps, music, and more on the website. Just simply, click on the Search bar and type what you want to search for, then you’ll see a search result.

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