Warner Bros Officially Cancels the Flash

Rumors have been circulating the internet saying that warner bros have cancelled flash. It is still a rumor because we don’t know how true it is. Anyways maybe at the end of this article, you will get to find out if it is a rumor or not. Warner Bros officially Cancels the Flash has been a shock to everyone ever since its announcement. Even now we still don’t know the reason why they cancelled flash.

Warner Bros Officially Cancels the Flash

Warner Bros Officially Cancels the Flash

Before warner bros cancelled flash, it was one of those movies that everyone longed to watch. Despite all the news still circulating on the internet flash won’t be ready to come out until next year. Warner Bros is trying so hard to regain some of its losses by going through with its plans to give the film a theatrical look. Although they are planning on cutting ties with Miller but now until after the movie is released.

However, sources say that Ezra Miller’s behavior seems to be the reason why warner cancelled Flash. DC Universe fans have been calling for warner bros to recast the role of the Flash following Miller’s multiple assault charges and the recent allegations that they groomed and abused a young girl. Being the star of flash, miller has portrayed certain behaviors which cannot be tolerated.

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Why did Warner Bros Cancel Flash?

Fans want to know the reason behind the cancellation of flash because Warner Bros Officially Cancels the Flash came as a shock to them. Flash standalone film already shot its theatrical debut date set before the misconduct of the Flash star Ezra Miller. Now warner bros seem to be in a tough situation in regards to the recasting of the starring role. But they have decided that miller will not play the character of Flash anymore due to his misconduct and behavior.

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When was the Release Date of Flash Set?

The release date of flash was set for June 2023 but it seems with the current situation at hand, it might not be possible anymore. With the future of the Flash in the DC universe still uncertain, a recast or a decision to completely remove the character is both possible outcomes. Although warner bros have not confirmed or denied anything yet we believe things will become clear when the 2023 release date comes closer. Then we will know if the movie will actually be canceled or if the character changed.

How to Binge Watch the Flash

The Flash’s ninth season was scheduled to be released next year considering the issues with the flash star Ezra miller. Since the movie has probably been canceled you can still binge watch it. Here are some streaming services where you can binge-watch the flash.

  • Netflix
  • HBO GO
  • The CW

However, you can Binge-watch flash on any of the streaming services above as long as you pay the exact subscription fee. The HBO GO subscription costs at least $9.99 per month while the standard Netflix subscription costs $15.49. Its basic and premium subscriptions cost $9.99 and 19.99 per month.

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