www.game.co.uk – Buy Gaming Consoles and Accessories

www.game.co.uk is a video game company popularly known as Game Digital plc. It has its headquarters in Basingstoke, United Kingdom, and has a major focus on gaming. A lot of users refer to Game Digital plc as GAME” because of the all-around gaming product it focuses on.

www.game.co.uk - Buy Gaming Consoles and Accessories

A review has shown that children between the ages of 10 and above spend up to 10 hours a week playing games. Both males and females get addicted. That even the gaming industry now gains more ground than the film industry.

www.game.co.uk is a gaming retail company. With over 300 stores in the UK (United Kingdom) where customers can walk in to buy a particular product. Games are available for major video game platforms. One thing I like about Game Digital plc is that customers can also trade in their used games for cash. Terms and conditions also apply.

What Can I Buy On www.game.co.uk?

If you are looking for an online gaming shop, www.game.co.uk is the best store where you can shop for your favorite games. Both online and offline. With great and awesome deals on gaming products and devices such as:


PlayStation, without a doubt, is one of the best gaming consoles in the world. Its parent company, Sony, is doing everything possible to maintain its top spot in the video game industry. On www.game.co.uk, you can shop PlayStation consoles, accessories, digital gaming, PlayStation Virtual Reality [PSVR], PS5 games, PS4 games, PlayStation recent releases, and PlayStation exclusives.

No matter what type of PlayStation game you want to buy, www.game.co.uk has got you covered. Apart from that, you can pre-order upcoming games and have them delivered to you immediately after they are officially released.


Say goodbye to any hassle you’ve ever experienced whenever you want to buy any Xbox consoles. Buying Xbox consoles from online stores has never been easier, but with the huge library of Xbox consoles on www.game.co.uk, you’re guaranteed to get a memorable gaming accessory purchase experience.

From Xbox consoles to games down to digital downloads and accessories, there is no Xbox merchandise that you won’t find on this gaming website. It indeed satisfies all your desires concerning games.


Nintendo Switch fans are not in any way left out of this gaming portal. What type of Nintendo merchandise are you looking for? Whether it’s the latest Nintendo consoles, games, accessories, or eShop digital downloads, you can get them all without any hiccups.

Just like with PlayStation, you can pre-order Nintendo Switch games on www.game.co.uk when they are in their beta testing phase and get them delivered to you when they are officially released.

PC Games and Accessories

If you are a game freak, you will agree with me that not all games are playable on mobile devices. For instance, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is only playable on Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Most action and adventure games are also better enjoyed on PC.

On this website, you can discover tons of games that will captivate your gaming mind and top esports games that will keep you glued to your PC. Apart from the above-mentioned, you can also get gaming accessories for PCs like gaming chairs, VR headsets, and the like to give you a perfect gaming experience.


This is one of the things that makes www.game.co.uk unique. It has a section where toys can be bought for kids. Hence, as you are buying games, gaming consoles, or gaming accessories, don’t forget your kid sister, brother, or child.

Buy toys from the LEGO range, Funky Pop! Vinyl, Retro, Star Wars, Nintendo, Fortnite, Disney, and remote-controlled cars.

Board Games

Browse through the plethoric list of board games on www.game.co.uk. You can buy board games for adults, board games for kids, family board games, party games, classic board games, strategy board games, travel games, quiz games, and word games.


Nobody can tell me otherwise; www.game.co.uk is an all-in-one website. It simply offers almost everything a tech-savvy person could ever need. Whether you want to buy Apple’s flagship phone [iPhone 14 Pro Max], Samsung S22 Ultra, or even a fitness watch, you can take your tech setup to the next level.

How to Create an Account on www.game.co.uk

Just like every other e-commerce website, you need to sign up for an account before you can buy any tech or gaming gadgets at www.game.co.uk. Follow the steps below to create an account:

  • First of all, visit Game.co.uk on your device’s web browser.
  • At the top of the homepage, click on the “Register” button.
  • The next page will display two different options from which you can choose. Since you are just joining, select ”Join For FREE Today”.
  • This will then take you to the sign-up page.
  • Now enter your email address, create a password, and confirm it. Mind you, your password must include 8 or more characters and be alphanumeric.
  • After that, complete the reCAPTCHA.
  • Then click on the “Sign up” button.
  • A verification code will then be sent to the email address you used to sign up. Enter the code into the field provided and click ”Submit”.
  • On the next page, enter your name, date of birth, mobile number, house number, and postcode.
  • Scroll down and select how you want www.game.co.uk to contact you.
  • Lastly, click “Register.”

There you have it! You can have an account with GAME. In the meantime, you can sign up with Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, or Steam.

How to Login to www.game.co.uk

To sign in to your www.game.co.uk account,

  • First of all, visit the GAME website on your web browser.
  • Click on the ”Sign in” button at the top of the homepage.
  • This takes you to the sign in page.
  • Now enter your email address and password on their respective fields.
  • Verify your humanity.
  • Then click on ”Sign in” to access your account.

Just like signing up, you can sign in to www.game.co.uk either with Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter,  or Stream, depending on the social media account you used in signing up.

How to Buy Gaming Consoles and Video Games on www.game.co.uk

Having signed up and logged into your www.game.co.uk account, you can now take the next step of making a purchase. As you already know, there are hundreds of gaming and tech gadgets that you can buy. The steps to making a purchase are as follows:

  • Visit the GAME website in your web browser.
  • Use the search bar to locate what you want to buy.
  • Once you see it, select it.
  • Click on the ”Buy New” option on the left side of the next page.
  • Tap “Secure Checkout.”
  • Tap the “Secure Checkout” button again.

From there, follow the prompts to complete the purchase. Mind you, there are some products that have a limit of one per order due to the fact that they are very high in demand. Also, you can make a purchase using a promotional code, if you have one, to get discounts on your purchases.


www.game.co.uk is an awesome resort where you can place an order and get it delivered for free in the UK. You can also cancel an order you’ve placed when you log in to your account. The cancellation of an order you placed doesn’t require any additional fees.

But once you have an order that is ready for dispatch, you can’t cancel it. But you still have 28 days to return the product and get your refund. Terms and conditions apply. As the seal remains unbroken.

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