7 Best News App in Nigeria

Searching for the best news app in Nigeria? Look no further. After careful research, we have compiled some of the best news apps in Nigeria.

With these apps, you can stream and read trending, latest, and popular news in Nigeria and around the world. Sit back and read this article until the end.

In the meantime, Nigeria is fast growing at the speed of the digital age and fast becoming a developed country.

With advancements in technology, Nigeria is leaving behind the traditional methods of getting news. Some of these include getting behind a television and holding a remote, waiting on a vendor to get you the latest papers, and so on.

7 Best News App in Nigeria

With the best news app In Nigeria, you can easily stream, read, and stay informed about the latest happenings within and outside your region.

These apps are designed to provide you with trending, the latest, breaking, and popular news. The best part is that these platforms provide accurate news.

You don’t need to pay a dime to download or use most of these applications; they are completely free. With a stable internet connection and a mobile device, you can start using these applications. Ultimately, they are safe and reliable to make use of anytime and any day.

7 Best News App In Nigeria

If you are looking for a way to get the latest news in the country, you can do so by installing news apps that are legit and reliable. Here are the best options out there:

1 Punch Mobile

Arguably, Punch is a leading company in the world of newspapers. This company provides its users with legitimate news.

With their mobile app, you can access thousands of stories ranging from politics, sports, entertainment, and more.

You can easily get valuable news and information from Punch Mobile, anywhere and anytime, all for free.

2 Nigerian Tribune

Another oldest newspaper company in Nigeria that is at the top of the list is the Nigerian Tribune.

Just like Punch Mobile, it has a wonderful reputation as one of the best news outlets, and now they have also gone digital.

With the Nigerian Tribune news app, you can be sure to stay updated on all the informative media, such as business, sports, entertainment, politics, and so on. It has a 24-hour information supply, and you can access it all for free.

3 Channels 24

A great app where you can also get the latest news and happenings is the Channel 24 news app.

This is an excellent app that delivers news from entertainment, politics, and much more. In addition to this, the app allows you access to live audio, recorded shows, and video streams.

There are features that are very useful, like the interactive media experience, the friendly user interface, and many more. This is another great news app so far on the list and can be accessed for free.

4 Vanguard News App

Another great option for a reliable news app is the Vanguard news app, which is a legitimate source of transferable news in a short time.

All news reported on the front and app covers every inch of the city, state, governing areas, and country at large.

From the latest news to the trendiest sports, the Vanguard News App is one of the most legitimate sources and accessible platforms to get everything that you need digitally.

5 BBC News

The BBC News app is a great source of reliable news not only in Nigeria but around the globe as well.

It has serious updates and valuable information that will keep you stocked up on necessary knowledge.

Another great thing about the BBC News application is that it also has a Pidgin version that suits the needs of the locals accurately.

Honestly, the BBC News app is one of the best options on this list, and it covers both time and information.

6 News24 Nigeria

Another reliable news app is News24. This app not only suits the requirements for the best news app, but it also does it all in a short time.

This platform is an avalanche of reliable and legitimate news, both locally and internationally.

From entertainment and sports to politics, it has loads of unique features and more. News24 Nigeria is also free and has a weather forecast as well.

7 TVC News

Along with being a high-ranking television station in Nigeria, TVC also has a reliable platform like TVC News, which makes the list.

The TVC News platform covers all the latest news on sports, entertainment, politics, and much more.

If you know that you are the type who is also invested in live streams, TVC News is the best platform to cover that base for you.

In addition, you can easily access all the news you want, anytime and anywhere, for free.


There are tons of other reliable news app sources in Nigeria that you can try out. We’ve only listed some of the best that you can try out right now to get started seeing results.

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