Ads YouTube – How to Get YouTube Ads to your Videos

What does Ads YouTube mean and what is it all about? To those who do not what the ads do on YouTube, the ads allow making money online through the use of your YouTube channel.  Over 2 million people across the globe have been able to make money from the ads on the youtube channel. All you have to do is apply for the ads and once you are accepted to youtube partner program you will be able to earn your cash. Before you can make use of the ads on your YouTube channel you have to be up to some certain age before you are allowed.

Furthermore, placing ads on your YouTube is very simple and you earn your money when people click on them on your YouTube channel. . People like to make it simple for everyone to succeed. This is because the Google ad network does connect advertisers who are in search to run their ads on their web with publishers. AdSense works based on the content and visitors. Ads are paid and created by advertisers who want their products to be promoted.

AdBlock for YouTube

The AdBlock is used to block ads or prevent the page elements for example advertisements from being displayed on YouTube.  The adblocker prevents the ads pop-ups as it is a content filtering and ad-blocking browser extension. However, before this adblocker works you permit it to block the ad on your YouTube channel. No matter the place the ads shows once you have given the adblocker permission will surely prevent the ads from pop-ups.

Google Ads YouTube

The Google AdSense youtube is on how you can get the Google Adsense to account for your YouTube channel. The following that will be listed below are the ways you can get the Google Adsense for your YouTube.

  • login into your youtube studio
  • on the left menu, choose the monetization
  • on the sign-up for the Google Adsense card, tap on the START
  • type in your youtube account password and re-authenticate when you are asked to
  • at the top of the page, verify if the email address is correct, and use a different account if it is wrong
  • set the account and provide your contact information and then submit your AdSense account application

Once you are done with all the steps listed above, you will be automatically sent back to your you tube studio account and a verifying receipt of your AdSense account application will be sent to you.

YouTube Ads Login

However, you can log in to your AdSense account in just some simple and easy way. Meanwhile, below are the steps to follow whenever you want to access your youtube AdSense.

  • visit the official website
  • type in your email address
  • enter your password
  • then tap on the sign-in icon

Nevertheless, you need to know that before you sign in to the AdSense account, you need to update or get the latest Google Adsense terms and conditions, will wily do that if you have not done that.

YouTube Ads Account

Nonetheless, you can add the AdSense account to your YouTube channel if you already have a YouTube channel and you do not know how to add it. The following that will be listed below are the ways you can add AdSense to your YouTube channel.

  • ¬†firstly, sign in to your youtube studio
  • tap on the channel, after you have seen it in the settings
  • tap on the link account in the advanced settings tab
  • select the permission you want, type in a Google Ads Account ID, and gave a name to the link
  • tap on the done icon and then save

With these steps, you will be able to add AdSense to your youtube channel successfully. You can now earn money with the ads on your YouTube channel.

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