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As a grown-up adult, dating could be one of the things that come to your mind. Then the question of how do I find a partner follows. There are certain ways to find a partner one of which is online dating platforms. Afrointroduction is a very large and trusted dating platform which have connected thousands of African singles around the world. The Afrointroduction dating site enables you to meet different people from different parts of Africa and also different areas of the world.

Afrointroduction - African Dating & Singles Meet, Chat | Afrointroduction Dating Site

Furthermore, the Afrointroduction dating site is free for the access of anyone especially singles from the age of 18 looking for a partner and a serious relationship irrespective of what gender you are interested in. But before you can get a partner on the Afrointroduction dating site, you have to first process the sign up which can be done via the Afrointroduction dating site and also the app.

Afrointroductions App

Just like some other dating sites, Afrointroduction created an app for users of mobile devices. The Afrointroduction app still enables you to do the same as the website and gives plus features to the normal features. One of which is the app is faster and easier to access. Here are steps on how to install the Afrointroductions app;

  1. Open your device app store
  2. Using the app store search engine locate the Afrointroduction app
  3. Click on the app
  4. Tap the “install” or “get” button.

The Afrointroduction dating app is free for download and available for any app store on your mobile device. If you are an Android and iOS user, you can get the app on the google play store and apple store respectively. Start by using the Afrointroductions app to process your sign up or sign in.

Afrointroduction Sign up

The only way and most important way to have an account is by a sign up. The Afrointroduction sign up is a very simple process. All you need to process the Afrointroduction sign up is just some of your personal information which would be needed to make up some of your profile information for people like you to know at least a little about you. Here are steps by which you can process the sign up;

Sign up via App

  1. Install the Afrointroductions dating app
  2. Open the app
  3. Choose which you want to sign up with (Facebook or Email)
  4. Provide the necessary information for whichever you clicked
  5. If Facebook, agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the continue button
  6. Then enter your Facebook sign in details and click sign in
  7. If email, enter all information required of you correctly.

Sign up via Web

  1. Visit the Afrointroduction dating site
  2. Click on the sign in link at the right-hand side of the Top page
  3. Scroll down to locate the join now link and click
  4. Sign up manually by filling the dating form or sign up with Facebook

The Afrointroduction dating site registration can not only be done on the website and also the mobile app which is free and available for download on any app store available on your mobile device. For users of desktop devices, you can process the Afrointroduction sign up via the website. However, after processing the sign up, the next step is the sign in.

Afrointroduction Sign in

The Afrointroduction sign in can be done in two places which are via the Afrointroduction app and also the dating site. But it takes the same process. Here are the steps by which you can process your sign in.

  • Open the app/ visit the dating site @
  • Click on the sign in link located at the top page
  • Enter your sign in information or sign in with your Facebook account.

After you must have processed your sign in, you can now add set up your profile, add friends and search for friends using the Afrointroductions search. Then after that, you can now meet and choose a partner you are comfortable with and who shares the same belief and ideas as you on the Afrointroduction dating site.

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