Air Tag – Apple AirTags to Track People and Pets

Are you very interested in figuring out where you lost items are effortless? The air tag is the easiest way you trace down your lost items once you have attached them to them. When your items get misplaced you trace them if the Airtag is attached to them with the help of the find my app on your mobile device. All you have to do after purchasing the Airtag is to set it up on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The air tag is a coin-sized tracker with 1.26 inches with the ability to trace any location while showing how your lost item is traveling on your mobile phone.

Air Tag - Apple AirTags to Track People and Pets
Air Tag – Apple AirTags to Track People and Pets

The air tag does not only connect to the owner’s phone but can also send to any nearby iPhone and you can also connect to the air tag your Bluetooth technology. IPhone users get a seamless experience from the coin-sized tracker as it is being designed for iPhone users. NFC is included in the tracker which is for any Smartphone with an NFC reader and for pairing the device initially so that they can pull up a URL. With the air tag you can keep track of your and your friend’s lost items.

Air Tags price

If you want to purchase the airtag you can buy it in one piece or a package of four air tags. So if you want to purchase a piece it is approximately $29. The four packages of the four air tags are calculated and be purchased for $99 approximately.

Air tag Android

The air tag for android is for android users so that they can scan any nearby airtag. Or if they think that another device is tracking their location. You can activate a sound on your android to help you locate. Also, you can use the find my compatible item tracker for at least 10 minutes on your Smartphone.

How do I Activate Apple Airtag?

You can activate the air tag on your Smartphone by going to the home screen on your iPhone. Removing the battery tab if possible, and holding it nearer to your iPhone. Then, select a name from the custom name of the type in the name you want and choose an emoji’s then continued, register the item to your Apple ID, then click on finish. You have successfully activated your Airtag but, if the air tag is registered on someone else air tag before they can add it on their Smartphone.  You can remove the Airtag or other items you find in yours through the find my on iPhone.

Can Apple’s AirTags Find Lost Pets

Actually, the apple company does not encourage the tracker to cover its own butt in case o any legal action that will be taken. You can put the airtag on your dog or even your cat. The best airtag you can use for your pet is the comfort tag that clips to your pet’s existing collar.

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