Alexa Smart Plug – How to Use Amazon Smart Plug | Alexa Smart Plug Set up

Alexa smart plug allows you to control your lights, fans, coffee makers, and more with your voice. All that you need is an Alexa connecting device like Echo, Fire TV, Fire tablet, Sonos One, or just the Alexa app on your phone. With the different Amazon smart plugs, you can control multiple channels. To let Amazon know your device, command it to control your device by name will do the trick. If you can talk to it, you can tap on the devices option on the bottom icon to search.

Alexa Smart Plug - How to Use Amazon Smart Plug | Alexa Smart Plug Set up

The smart plug is also a device that you plug into the subsist outlets in your home to control your electronics using the app on your mobile device. It is like a PowerPoint electric plug that fits between your sockets and the appliance you wish to plug it into. The Alexa smart plug is a voice trigger on and off switch that you can have control over with the Alexa app and adds voice control to your wired electrical devices.

How Alexa Smart Plug Works

The Amazon plug works amazingly as you can plug any device into it and can be turned on and off making use of the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. It makes you set routines and timers for all of the smart plugs in your home and let you manage your devices with your voice casually. You can connect your plug to a lamp, then let Alexa know when you can and go. The smart plug turns your home appliances into a smart devices.

How to Use Alexa Plug

The Amazon smart plug allows you to use your voice to control the home appliances like the lights, fan, coffee makers, and so on while the appliance that is scheduled turns off and on automatically. Follow the steps below to know how to use the Amazon smart plug

  • Plug in the smart plug and open the Alexa app.
  • Tap the devices in the right corner of the alexa app
  • Select the device and select the plug
  • Plug your lamp or the appliance into the plug
  • To enable just say alexa turn the first plug on

How to Connect the Amazon Smart Plug to Alexa

If you have searched and you can’t find your smart plug’s name is not listed in the Alexa app, scroll down and click on tap to discover devices at the bottom of the screen. Once you have seen the name of your smart plug name then, follow the instructions on the Alexa app to set up and to be able to pair your smart with Alexa.

How to Reset your Alexa Smart Plug

Resetting your Alexa plug is if you are having problems with your smart plug. Here are tips on how you can reset your Alexa smart plug.

  • Tap and hold on the button on the device for a minimum of 12 seconds
  • Release the button once you see a red led light
  • A blue led light will be shown once the resetting is complete
  • Register your Amazon plug in the alexa app

Once you follow the steps above you don’t have a problem resetting your smart plug. You can now control your home appliances with Amazon and run a smart home.