Apply For Unicaf Scholarship 2022 – Requirements

Do you need the scholarship to further your education? Then you can apply for Unicaf scholarship 2022. And if you are applying for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral degree level programs. The scholarship is for you. Also, regardless of the country you are from, it is open for you to apply. Moreover, Unicaf is the leading online platform that offers affordable and quality higher education to people that seeks it. While they collaborate with top-notch and reputable universities in the UK, US, Europe, and Africa to provide this to students in Africa and all over the world.

Now if you want to apply for a Unicaf scholarship, it is not difficult to do. All you just need to do is visit the website and apply online for it. Then hopefully, you would get it. But have in mind that there are some things required before you can qualify for the scholarship. And all these you would get to know before the end of this article. So, if you are eligible for it, you can apply for it online, and study to obtain an accredited Masters or doctoral degree. Then get to enjoy one of the most generous scholarships in the world at large.

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Is Unicaf a University?

Yes, it is an online university. But it is no doubt that a lot of people think of it as just a platform that helps people gain access to admission into universities under scholarship. But it is an online university that is affiliated with other universities. And getting admission here would mean you would be studying in one of its affiliated universities, these universities would be made known to you during your application.

Who Qualifies for Unicaf Scholarship?

If you are a permanent resident of Africa. Then yes, you qualify for the scholarship. Aside from that, you must also be earning less than $20,000 in a year. You must be available to start your academic studies within 6 months from the date the admission was given to you to study for the program you applied for. And lastly, you must meet the entry requirements for the program you are applying for to study.

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What are the Scholarship Eligibility Criteria for Unicaf?

Every scholarship comes with an eligibility criterion. So, the one for Unicaf would be listed for you below. It is no doubt that not everyone can qualify for a scholarship. Before you can qualify, you have to meet what the scholarship giver requires of you. Here are the requirements for the Unicaf scholarship below;

  • You as a candidate applying for the scholarship must meet the entry requirements of the program you want to study.
  • You should also be in the position to pay the remaining fees after you have gotten the scholarship
  • Keep in mind that the scholarship applied for depends on your country of residence

When you have noted and acquired all these, you can now apply for the scholarship online. It is easy to do. So just visit the online website and follow the application steps that would be listed for you right here in this article below.

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Is It Legit?

Yes, it is legit. And it is one of the best you can apply for. So, keep in mind that the Unicaf online scholarship is not fraudulent but rather it is legitimate and authentic. But at the same time, you should beware of fake institutions that pretend to offer scholarships and scam students, individuals, or groups.

Is Unicaf Scholarship Application Free?

No, the application is not free. You would be required to pay about $20 as your application fee for you to be able to apply for the scholarship. And when you eventually get the scholarship, about eighty percent of your fees would be taken care of and you get to pay just 20 percent which when calculated is about $2,800. Out of $14,000.

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How to Apply for Unicaf Scholarship 2022

Applying for this scholarship is very easy to do. And as mentioned earlier, all you just need to do is visit the Unicaf official webpage and add all the information required of you. However, if you are finding that difficult to do, here are some simple steps on how to apply for Unicaf scholarship 2022 below;

  • Visit
  • Click on the apply button
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Add other information required of you
  • Complete the application form required of you
  • Your documents would be reviewed
  • Then you would now receive final approval and start studying

Apply for a Unicaf scholarship and get the chance to get a high-quality education at a low cost, study for international degrees, get an easy and quick registration process and study flexibly. The application is affordable and 80% of your fees will be covered.

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