Athena Home Loans – Athena Home Loans 2022 Reviews

Am sure most of you will be wondering what Athena mortgage is all about, well just continue reading this article to get more information. It is one of the best services that offer loans to people who are looking to purchase a home. They offer home loans to people who are set to purchase existing properties only. Athena home loans review has competitive variable interest rates; its existing customers get the same rate offered to new customers as well.

Athena Home Loans - Athena Home Loans 2022 Reviews
Athena Home Loans – Athena Home Loans 2022 Reviews

With Athena home loans, there is no application, ongoing, or exit fees except for government and third-party fees. Members get to have a 100% online home loan process instead of going through the stress of visiting any branch. You tend to get easy management of your home loan after settlement. This can be done through their antenna home hub. The app can be downloaded on any device.

What Type of Loans that Athena Home Loans Offer?

Currently, Athena home loan rates offer principal and interest, and also interest-only home loans. This is mainly for owner-occupiers and investors on variable rates, refinancing, or buying of an established property. Recently they added refinance with equity release. For now, they do not offer any other type of loan.

The Benefit of Athena Home Loans

There are lots of benefits attached to Athena loans. The Athena home loans login gives you access to all these benefits within a few seconds. Takes take a look at some of these benefits.

  • You stand the chance to get mouthwatering rates with no fees, they do not charge for application fees, ongoing fees or exit fees.
  • They have a flexible loan set up for all customers.
  • They have direct salary payments, and flexible repayments.
  • Customers have easy access to this service online.
  • You can even manage your loan online and it is very fast and easy.

Customers can get a 100% online application with instant approval. You can make use of any device of your choice. And guess what, the Athena mobile app will soon be available. You will be able to download it on any device of your choice. Finally, you can download the app on Android or iOS devices.

What Makes Athena Home Loan Different

There are so many things that make Athena loans different from their counterparts. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • With athena loan for homes, you can get unlimited extra repayment
  • You can also get free redraw facility, and also pay no exit fees when you move away from the lender.
  • They have an automatic rate match that enables existing customers to get the same rate offered to new customers.
  • Athena is different because all their home loans products have no fees.

All these are available on all the antenna home loan products.

Documents Needed to Apply for Athena Home Loan

Just like every loan application, you need to qualify for the service. There are certain qualifications you need to meet before you can apply for an Athena home loan. Before applying for a loan you must be sure you have the following documents.

  • Income and employment details.
  • Assets and liabilities.
  • One ID, Drivers license, Australian passport and Medicare card.
  • You will also need other sources of incomes like term deposits, investments, rental income and superannuation.

Also, you will need to make available a breakdown of your living expenses and the most recent statement of your current home loan. I hope this article was helpful.

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