Aviva Car Insurance – Get Instant Auto Insurance Quote

Aviva Car Insurance – When you buy a new car, the first thing to think about is getting insurance. The idea is to avoid paying a lot if your car is stolen or damaged.

Aviva Car Insurance - Get Instant Auto Insurance Quote

However, while planning to get a policy for your car, picking the right insurance company matters, and Aviva car insurance has proven to be a good choice. They’re one of the biggest and best-known insurance companies in the UK.

Aviva offers various financial products, including insurance for vans, homes, pets, lives, motorcycles, cars, and travel. They aim to protect people’s belongings and secure their future.

Aviva car insurance has two main plans: one covering third-party, fire, and theft, and another comprehensive plan.

They also have other car insurance options, like multi-car insurance, telematics car insurance, and electric car insurance.

What is Aviva?

Aviva stands as a trustworthy insurance company with a history spanning over three centuries, consistently delivering excellent services.

Aviva has garnered positive customer reviews, with policyholders praising its accommodating and flexible coverage.

The company is known for its reliable and efficient quick-claim process. Beyond ensuring financial security through car coverage, Aviva is dedicated to enhancing the overall client experience.

Aviva Car Insurance Benefits

There are some benefits you get to enjoy when you purchase car insurance from Aviva. They include:

  • It offers a wide range of car insurance add-ons, like breakdown assistance and no-claims discount protection.
  • It covers defenses for bodily injury and property damage.
  • It provides a courtesy car when your vehicle is being fixed.
  • The company has a 24/7 claims helpline.
  • It provides several discounts for defensive driving and online policy purchases.

And finally, clients are given the option to manage their plans online.  In addition, there is a mobile app available for customers to manage their plans instead of regularly visiting the website.

How Much Does Aviva Car Insurance Cost?

The cost of Aviva auto insurance depends on various factors. Factors such as the desired level of automobile insurance coverage and the inclusion of supplemental features in the chosen coverage determine the overall cost.

However, since specific information on the exact cost of insurance coverage in Aviva is not provided, these elements collectively influence the average insurance expense for the policyholder.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Aviva Car Insurance

Certain factors determine the cost of car insurance in Aviva, and they are listed below.

Driving History

The driving histories of policyholders are used to evaluate the risk and also determine the cost. Drivers who have just recently received a driving license are expected to pay more because they are likely to be in an accident or file a claim.

Type of Vehicle

Your type of vehicle and the model of your automobile have an impact on the cost of your insurance. Some insurers will take into consideration the cost of repairing or replacing a car as well as the risk of theft.

If the price of your vehicle is high, you will also have to pay a higher amount because it will be expensive to maintain or replace.


The amount you will pay as a policyholder will be determined by how far you drive. Data and other variables will be used to determine the policyholder’s degree of risk.


Another thing that determines the price of auto insurance is the weather. The weather conditions will determine the amount you will pay. This is because extreme weather conditions affect the level of future claim costs.

Aviva Car Insurance Coverage

Aviva auto insurance provides two distinct coverages: comprehensive coverage and third-party, fire, and theft coverage. These coverages encompass specific elements, including:

Aviva Car Insurance Comprehensive Coverage

This plan covers:

Uninsured Driver Coverage

This is under comprehensive coverage, and it is a reimbursement that is given to policyholders when they get involved in an accident where the other driver is uninsured.

Legal Costs

If you are involved in a vehicle accident that attracts legal costs, Aviva car insurance will contribute its financial support towards those legal costs.

Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle recovery is included in the comprehensive coverage provided by Aviva Insurance. After an accident, they will transport the damaged vehicle to one of their authorized garages.

Individual No-Claim Discount

When a policyholder stops filling out claims, they offer discounts for each insured vehicle.

Your Debts To Others

Aviva takes care of any financial liability in a situation where the policyholder injures someone or damages someone else’s vehicle or property.

Motor Injury Protection

Coverage will extend to policyholders, their spouses, and any drivers involved in a collision that leads to severe injury or death.

Aviva Car Insurance Third-Party, Fire, and Theft Coverage

This plan covers certain things, and they include:

Debt to Another Party

They offer financial assistance to policyholders covered by the third-party fire and theft insurance policy. In the event that you cause damage to other drivers or their vehicles, Aviva will cover all associated charges.

Loss Or Damage

The third-party, fire, and theft coverage encompasses expenses related to loss and damage resulting from two specific incidents: fire and theft.

However, it is the responsibility of the policyholder to address these costs. Any loss or damage incurred due to both fire and theft resulting from a car collision is not covered under this insurance.

Individual No claim discount

Policyholders under the third-party, fire, and theft insurance plan are provided with discounts. This discount is only given when they stop filling out insurance claims or have a clean driving and traffic record for a certain period of time.

Legal Cost

When there is an accident and a lawsuit is involved, the company will provide financial security to the other driver. The insurance plan usually covers the legal expenses of the policyholder when there is a loss or damage due to incidents such as fire and theft.

How to Get a Car Insurance Quote at Aviva?

Getting a car insurance quote at Aviva is pretty easy. To get a quote, you should visit their official website and click on the “Get a Quote” button. After that, you’ll be required to sign in to your account. Once you have signed in, you can follow the on-screen steps to request a quote.

However, keep in mind that without registering for an account, you might not be able to request a car insurance quote with Aviva. So, you should get started by clicking on the registration button, following the on-screen steps, and setting up an account for yourself. After that, you can now request a quote.