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What is Axie infinity scholarship? This scholarship is for those who want to play the game but do not have sufficient resources financially. Axie Infinity is an idea about a game and inspiration which was taken from Pokémon. Interestingly, it allows you to collect, raise, battle, and breed axis. So in other words the Axie Infinity is a game that you play to earn. It is well known after a video documentary of the game in the Philippines came up on youtube. The scholarship is given to players or scholars who want to play the game. But only to whom are not financially stable to play.

If the player cannot afford to buy three axes that is needed to start the game and a player guild that does provide axis to the players which will be in exchange for a cut of the earnings the player makes. The managers bring in the scholars. They are with the required SLPS or AXS token but do not have enough time to play the Axie infinity game. To play the game you have to set up a digital wallet, purchase 3 axes from the marketplace and they sync their axis from the digital wallet into the game which means not just anyone can play the game.

What is Axie Scholarship?

the scholarship is when the manager who has more than enough axis to play the game gets a player who cannot afford to purchase the axis for their Axie team to play the Axie infinity game for them making use of their axis. Depending on the agreement between the manager and scholar the SLP earned by the player will be split. The splitting can be 60-40, 50-50, or how the conversation between the two went. However, the players do not have access to the SLP that they have earned in the game as the manager will be the one to process the SLP withdrawal.

As a player, you can choose either receive hard cash of their chosen currency USD, PHP, or cryptocurrency AXS, ETH.  Before the game is played, the payment method should be discussed as the SLP withdrawals are only done once every 2 weeks. Considering the timing of the withdrawals because of the unstable nature of SLP and crypto in general this should be considered by both the player and manager. It might be $100 in SLP today and might be $150 the day after or less.

How do I Apply For An Axie Infinity Scholarship?

To get an Axie scholarship, you need to have a lot of trust which is because the risk that is involved in getting a scholarship lies on the manager mostly. This lies on the manager because the axis belongs to the manager and they are almost at no risk of being the player. Most of the relationships between the manager and the scholar are usually remote and they are no laws made to protect the manager’s assets, all you have to do as a player is to protect the manager’s axis.

There are various ways you can get an Axie scholarship but the best way you can get the scholarship is when you know the Axie manager personally and then ask the Axie manager can you be their scholar. The capacity of the players who want to play without being able to afford their teams and there is also an unlimited supply of very capable scholars. Some of these players come from a third-world country for example the Philippines.

However, there is lots of demand for the Axie scholarship. Meanwhile, a lot of people have been writing resumes. Also, people have been posting on the group on why they should be chosen as a scholar. You can start from the Axie infinity discord group if you are among those who want the Axie scholarship. Nonetheless, you can better still visit Twitter, and scroll through the post that has #axieinfinity on them. Here is another tip you can make use of to get the Axie infinity scholarship.

  • As a player search for an Axie manager or Axie community members who are In search of scholars
  • Ask to be a scholar after contacting the managers
  • Get your free Axie from the manager once you have been selected
  • Begin the game

How to Transfer Axie Into Scholar Account

Do you know as a manager, you can create an account to get scholars? Check below on how you can set up the scholar account.

  • On the Axie infinity create an account for the scholar
  • Choose the type of Axie you want to send to the scholar
  • On the Ronin, wallet fill in the scholar’s address
  • Into the scholar account, send the Axie
  • QR code of the account should be saved and also give a copy of the same to the player.

Then once you have done all of these, the player will begin the game. Then you can withdraw the SLP and give the player according to an agreement.

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