Babbel Chinese – Best Apps to Learn Chinese

Today we are going to learn all about Babbel Chinese, and I am guessing you have a great interest in learning Chinese. Starting to learn a new language could be demanding; however, with the right tools and equipment, you will be able to bypass the hurdles. Babbel is an online platform designed for learning several languages, and it has over 1 million users from across the world.

Babbel Chinese - Best Apps to Learn Chinese

Babbel is a great and effective way to learn the basic parts of a foreign language you have an interest in learning. However, in order not to keep you anticipating the better way to learn Chinese, the official language of China is not yet available on Babbel. However, you need not worry because on this

Chinese Course In Babbel

Learning Chinese is different from learning any other language. Chinese Mandarin is a tonal language. This means that the intonation you give to a word changes the meaning of that particular word. Chinese is a totally different language from others, but it is not as difficult as most Asian languages, such as Japanese. Not to talk more about the writing system that uses characters instead of alphabets.

Chinese is a very unique language that deserves a language course of its own. But there are some alternatives to learning Chinese rather than Babbel.

Best Alternatives to Babbel for Learning Chinese

We hope a day will come when the team behind the Babbel courses craft out a very effective and affordable course to help learn Chinese. Until that day, there are a few courses to help you learn the Chinese Language. The Alternatives include;

Rocket Chinese: Babbel Chinese

This website’s foundation consists of dialogues for learning Chinese that are available as audio plays. Each dialogue has English explanations, and they usually teach the Chinese language in phrases rather than individual words. The course also offers a separate category of lessons that focuses mostly on teaching grammar through example phrases.

ChineseClass101: Babbel Chinese

ChineseClass101 is among the most popular Chinese courses on the web today. However, the form of instruction on this platform is audio. That is to say, you will listen to the teachings instead of reading. They come in the form of a podcast. The lessons are really effective and engaging. This course is a bit cheaper than Babbel, with a monthly subscription fee of $8.


Italki is an online marketplace that connects different language teachers and learners. On the site, you can book individual language lessons with any available teacher on Skype. The site has over 250 professional teachers and informal tutors for the Chinese language on Italki.


This is another great platform for learning Chinese for beginners. It is well-designed, fun, and good. It can be used for free and also offers premium and premium+ subscription versions. The free version contains a lot as well.


LingoDeer is a newer and more popular language-learning app that initially focused on Asian languages, but it has been expanding to accommodate other languages too. This course is very affordable, well-designed, and all-around good. In their approach, it is similar to HelloChinese. It is a great app to learn the Chinese language.