Best Business Acquisition Loans of 2024

Business acquisition loans are tailored for business owners seeking to acquire or combine with another business. Funding options are accessible from a range of sources, such as conventional banks, online lending platforms, and lenders affiliated with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Optimal business acquisition financing solutions provide competitive interest rates and adaptable terms to ensure that monthly repayments remain manageable.

Best Business Acquisition Loans of 2024

10 Best Business Acquisition Loans of 2024

In this section, we’ll reveal the best business acquisition loan lenders for 2024. Kindly read to the end in order to make an informed decision.

1. National Funding

National Funding distinguishes itself by offering competitive rates and a maximum loan amount of $500,000, positioning it as a top choice for small-business acquisition loans. With these features, businesses can access significant funding at favorable terms, making National Funding a preferred option for those seeking financing for acquisitions in 2024.

2. TAB Bank

TAB Bank is recognized for its tailored financing solutions that align with specific business needs. With a maximum loan amount of $300,000 and a minimum credit score requirement of 660, TAB Bank provides personalized financial options for businesses looking to acquire or expand, ensuring a customized approach to financing that suits individual requirements effectively.

3. Triton Capital

Triton Capital specializes in equipment financing, offering a maximum loan amount of $250,000 and a minimum credit score requirement of 575. This focus on equipment financing makes Triton Capital a standout choice for businesses in need of funding for equipment acquisitions, providing tailored solutions that cater to specific equipment-related financial needs.

4. Biz2Credit

Biz2Credit stands out for its diverse range of loan options that cater to various business needs and financial situations. This versatility makes Biz2Credit a flexible and adaptable choice for businesses seeking acquisition financing, as it can accommodate a wide range of financial requirements and preferences, ensuring that businesses can find suitable funding solutions tailored to their specific circumstances.

5. Kiva

Kiva offers interest-free microloans ranging from $1,000 to $15,000, making it an appealing option for businesses seeking affordable financing without interest costs. This unique feature sets Kiva apart as a socially responsible and accessible choice for businesses looking for smaller-scale financing options to support their acquisition or growth plans, providing a cost-effective and ethical funding solution.

6. BlueVine

 BlueVine focuses on providing high loan amounts, offering substantial financing options for businesses in need of acquisition loans. By emphasizing larger loan amounts, BlueVine caters to businesses with significant financial needs, enabling them to access the necessary funding to support their acquisition strategies and growth initiatives effectively.

7. Fundbox

Fundbox is known for providing accessible financing solutions that cater to a wide range of businesses. With a user-friendly loan process and a focus on inclusivity, Fundbox offers businesses a straightforward and efficient way to secure acquisition financing in 2024, making it a top choice for those seeking hassle-free and convenient funding options tailored to their specific business requirements.

8. Funding Circle

Renowned for its accessibility, Funding Circle offers small business loans up to $500,000 with a credit score requirement of 660 or above. This straightforward and efficient financing avenue empowers businesses to secure funding for acquisitions seamlessly, providing a reliable and accessible financial solution tailored to their needs.

9. OnDeck

Positioned as a rapid funding solution, OnDeck caters to businesses with credit scores of 625 or higher, offering a maximum loan amount of $250,000. With its swift and convenient financing options, OnDeck provides businesses seeking acquisitions with a streamlined and efficient way to access the necessary capital to support their expansion plans effectively.

10. SBA 7(a) Loan

The SBA 7(a) Loan Program offers up to $5 million in financial assistance to small businesses for various purposes like real estate acquisition, working capital, debt refinancing, and equipment purchases. Eligible businesses must operate for profit in the U.S., meet SBA size standards, and demonstrate creditworthiness.

The application process involves working with an SBA lender to determine the most suitable loan type based on individual needs, ensuring access to vital funding for business growth and sustainability.


QuickBridge is a financial service provider specializing in small business loans and short-term working capital solutions, offering up to $500,000 in funding. Known for its quick funding process, QuickBridge provides tailored financial products to support business growth and maintain cash flow.

The company emphasizes customer success, providing efficient and secure financing options designed to meet the unique needs of small to midsized businesses promptly and effectively.


What is a business acquisition loan?

A business acquisition loan is a type of business loan used to purchase an existing small business, idea, or franchise. It aims to finance most or all of the acquisition through the loan, allowing individuals to evaluate the business’s operating history and financial performance before making the purchase.

How do business acquisition loans work?

Business acquisition loans cover the costs associated with purchasing another company, reducing upfront expenses and allowing for more flexible collateral requirements. These loans can move faster than traditional loans due to the preparation involved in acquiring a business.

What are the requirements for a business acquisition loan?

Lenders typically require various documents to ensure the stability and repayment capacity of the acquired business, including bank statements, tax returns, business licenses, ownership proof, and a detailed business plan.

Where can I get a business acquisition loan?

Business acquisition loans can be obtained from banks, credit unions, SBA lenders, and online lenders. Each source offers different terms and conditions tailored to varying business needs.

How can I get a business acquisition loan?

The process involves determining eligibility, comparing lender offers, gathering required documentation, applying for the loan either online or in person, reviewing the agreement, or finally receiving funding upon approval.

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