Best Cash Advance Apps

The best cash advance apps you will get are the fastest options available to get money, and this is for urgent emergencies. In addition, the cash advance app allows you to conveniently request a small amount of money before your next paycheck comes.

Now and then, there will be irksome emergencies that will pop up, and this gives you a sense of gloom, especially when you are not financially buoyant to deal with them. What’s worse, payday suddenly feels like ages away, and you might not know what your next course of action may be.

Best Cash Advance Apps

Luckily, a financial solution that comes through for you in this time of need and urgency is a cash advance app. When you use one of the best, you can easily request an amount. Although it is usually a small fee, it can pay for what you are dealing with.

You will be refunded the money you took out of your next paycheck. Many are familiar with collecting loans and all that, but cash advance apps are usually more convenient. Of course, you will be charged fees for the service. But they are alternative choice that works well for your needs.

Furthermore, you must consider factors like company reputation, user requirements, funding time, repayment timeline, and more before you settle on your choice of a cash advance app.

10 Best Cash Advance Apps You Should Know About

A cash advance app may charge you fees for fast funding, subscriptions, or more. It is quicker than loans and would serve as a financial solution in times of need. Here are some of the best cash advance apps you should know about:


EarnIn is a paycheck advance app that allows you to borrow the money you’ve earned once they track your location and work hours. It works well for large advances. You can get paid up to $100 without any mandatory fee or credit check.

Also, this app sends you a notification when the balance of your bank account is low. It also automatically tops off your balance when you’re running low.

Furthermore, the advance amount that you get paid can be up to $100 per day and $4750 per pay period. The EarnIn process is an optional fast-funding fee ranging from $1.99 to $4.99. There is also an optional tip of up to $14 in advance.

Moreover, the repayment method is withdrawn from your bank account on your next payday.


The MoneyLion app is available for anyone who has a checking account and is very qualified. This application is the best for existing customers. They offer services like financial tracking, credit builder loans, investment accounts, mobile banking, etc.

For existing customers of MoneyLion, have easier access to larger cash advances of up to $500 and also have the fastest funding times.

Moreover, the advance amounts that MoneyLion offers are up to $500 or $1,000 for members with access to MoneyLion features. The repayment fee is usually withdrawn on a set date by MoneyLion on your next payday.

Also, they have their optional fast funding fee, which ranges from $0,49 to $8.99 per $5 to $100 advance. MoneyLion’s time to fund without an express fee is 12 to 24 hours for account holders at MoneyLion.

For customers without a MoneyLion checking account, the time set is 2 to 5 business days. The time set to fund an express fee is within minutes.


The Klover cash advance app is the best option for ‘no-fee advances’. This cash app readily offers cash advances up to $200, and they use your data to offer you a fee-free experience.

You will need to have your regular paychecks deposited straight into your linked checking account to be qualified. Additionally, they also offer cash advances based on bank eligibility and the points program.

Klover offers a $100 cash advance based on bank account eligibility and another $100 advance based on your participation in their points program. Their advance amounts are from $5 to $200, and their optional fats funding fee is $2.99 to $20.78.

Their proposed tip is up to 20% of the amount you borrowed. The repayment fund is withdrawn from your bank account on the date that Klover determines as your next payday.


Apart from being a cash advance app, Brigit is also a budgeting app that doesn’t require users to provide a tip. Brigit has a free plan that offers budgeting help as well as financial advice to its users.

If you want to make use of the cash advance plan, you will have to subscribe to the paid plan. The paid plan comes with cool features like credit monitoring, cash advances, overdraft coverage, and more.

Furthermore, they have an advance amount of $20 to $250, with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. Also, their fast funding fee ranges from $0.99 to $3.99. But the repayment fund is withdrawn from your bank account on a set date by Brigit.

SoLo Funds

This cash advance app is perfect for providing solutions such as peer-to-peer advances. SoLo Funds has really low fees, which are often optional, and they also allow users to choose their repayment dates. Furthermore, users on the app can send loan requests through the app’s marketplace, and when they do, lenders can select the users they wish to lend to.

Moreover, it might take up to 3 days for users to know whether their loan will be funded, and this is longer than other apps. Still, they offer advance amounts ranging from $20 up to $575.

Their optional tip is up to 12% of the advance amount, and an optional donation is up to 9%. SoLo funds also have an optional instant withdrawal fee of up to 1.75%, and the late fees cost 10%.


Chime is a mobile company that offers various financial services, like checking and savings accounts, credit builder loans, and more, to its users. This app is best for overdraft protection as well as being a reliable cash advance app.

This application allows its users to overdraw their checking accounts easily without any fee using its SpotMe feature. If you wish to qualify for the SpotMe feature on Chime, you will need to have a minimum of $200 in direct deposits.

Furthermore, they offer advance amounts from $20 up to $4200. The repayment method comes from Chime deducting the amount from future deposits. What’s more, the funding time is instant.


This is another cash advance app that allows users to borrow small amounts of money to deal with any expenses they are dealing with. If you want to be considered eligible for a cash advance, you must open an ExtraCash account first.

Furthermore, the app also has a side hustle feature that allows users to find jobs and earn more money. Included are also saving accounts available for their users.

Additionally, their fees include a subscription fee of $1, an optional tip up to 25% of the amount borrowed, and a fast funding fee of $1.99 to $13.99. The time taken to fund with an express fee is up to an hour. And the time taken without an express fee is 2 to 3 business days.


This application works as a bank account and cash advance app as well as a budgeting tool. Additionally, there are features included, like the automatic saving feature.

And artificial intelligence that allows you to save money by moving funds from your checking account to your savings. They offer advance amounts from $10 to $250, and the repayment method is the funds withdrawn from your bank account on a set date.

Furthermore, the express time it takes to fund your account is within an hour, while the time taken without an express fee takes up to a business day. You can tell that this cash app responds faster than other apps.


This cash advance app allows users to collect loan amounts ranging from $20 to $250, and it takes up to 4 weeks to repay them. The whole process of funding will be easier if you have a Varo account, and you can get the money instantly transferred to you.

As a user of this application, you can get access to more features, like a multiple customer service option, a free debit card, a high-yield savings account, and many more.


When you use the Payactiv application, you can easily get cash advances up to $1,000, and you can repay them upon your next paycheck. Their fees range from $0.99 to $2.99, and this depends on the disbursement type. Furthermore, you face no risk of overdraft fees, no tips or subscription fees, and more.


These are some of the best cash advance apps that you can use in times of emergency. These platforms always deliver, and you can compare services and fees based on their reputation to decide which one works for you.

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