Best Cheap Car Insurance For College Students

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What is the best cheap car insurance for college students? Car insurance is among the must-have documents, and getting one as a college student is not a terrible idea. Besides, it is a great way to manage and handle risks when driving.

For instance, if something bad or unexpected happens while driving, your insurance company will cover the cost or expenses.

Best Cheap Car Insurance For College Students

However, if you are a college student and you have a car, this article contains some of the best cheap car insurance for college students that you could use.

So, if you would like to purchase a car insurance quote but are finding it hard because the rates you come across are too high to pay. Worry not, by the end of this article, you will be discovering some of the best places or companies where you can buy or purchase an affordable car insurance quote.

But before you choose car insurance for your car as a college student, it’s important to compare the quotes and rates to find out which meets your needs.

Even if you are not a student, you must always compare the coverage options and rates before you choose so that you do not end up purchasing what you do not need.

Best Cheap Car Insurance For College Students

If you are a college student and you would like to get the best cheap car insurance for college students, here are some of the nicest companies to purchase a policy from:

  • Geico.
  • USAA.
  • American Family.
  • State Farm.
  • Auto-Owners.
  • Travelers.
  • Progressive.
  • Nationwide.
  • Farmers.
  • Allstate.


Geico is one of the best cheap car insurance options for college students and is the perfect choice for budget-conscious drivers.

They also have a lot of good reviews from existing and new customers who have used their services.

What’s more, Geico is quite popular for its amazing customer service and highly-rated coverage. And their rates are affordable for drivers, including college students.


USAA is one of the best and cheapest places to get car insurance as a college student. They have a lot of good reviews, and their complaint level is average.

What’s more, this insurance company offers new car replacements and accident forgiveness. However, only active members of the military or veterans are eligible for this quote or policy type.

American Family

American Family is one of the car insurance companies with a very low complaint level. It also has a 5.0 rating online from clients.

This car insurance company offers a wide selection of optional car coverage, and they offer discounts, vanishing deductibles, and accident forgiveness to drivers.

State Farm

State Farm is one of the most popular insurance companies that offers car insurance coverage. Yes, when it comes to customer experience, State Farm is number one.

So, if you are looking for good car insurance as a college student, you will enjoy discounts and save money when you get a quote from State Farm.


Another car insurance company with a low level of complaints is Auto-Owners. Auto-Owners offer around an 8% discount to good students and give nice coverage add-ons if you would like to customize your quote or policy.

However, if you are looking for SR-22 fillings, Auto-Owners does not offer this service.


Travelers provide its customers with affordable rates on car insurance, and college students are no exception.

What’s more, when you use their services, you can access discount offers and customize your quote to your liking.


One of the best cheap car insurances for college students can be purchased from Progressive. It is also on the list of the best insurance companies in the United States of America.

If you are a geeky driver, you will find the best coverage options for you and your car at Progressive.

However, if you own a motorcycle, at Progressive, you can get affordable rates, and I suggest you consider this insurance company.


When it comes to the cost of getting car insurance at a good or decent price, Nationwide has got you covered.

Moreover, they have a very low compliance level. So, whenever you are going auto insurance shopping as a college student, be sure to check out Nationwide and find their coverage options.


Though the quotes or policies at Farmers are a bit pricey, they are still affordable. Besides, this insurance company provides different coverage options for different driver types.

What’s more, if you are a Lyft or Uber driver, you can get rideshare insurance coverage from this car insurance provider.


One of the most popular and cheap car insurance companies for college students is Allstate. What makes them one of the best is that they offer a nice selection of coverage options.

However, the cost of auto insurance at Allstate is above average for drivers with bad credit scores. Also, it is quite affordable.

In Conclusion

With the best cheap car insurance for college students, you can start enjoying coverage on your car, and whenever something unexpected happens, you can file a claim.

In addition, you do not have to worry about spending too much money because the quotes offered by these companies are affordable.