Best Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

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Are you a truck owner in search of the best commercial truck insurance companies? Look no further; you are in the right place to get all the information you need.

Best Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

In this article, we aim to shed more light on some of the best commercial truck insurance companies. We would highlight their distinctive features, pros and cons, as well as other tips that would enable you to make informed choices. Ensure you read to the end of this detailed article so you don’t miss out on key information.

Who Needs Commercial Truck Insurance?

If your business operates with trucks or any other large commercial vehicle, you’ll most definitely need commercial truck insurance. Commercial truck insurance helps to protect your vehicle in the event of an accident or any other risk.

We have helped to curate the list of vehicles that require commercial truck insurance policies. They include;

  • Semi-trucks.
  • Pickup trucks.
  • Cement mixers.
  • Box trucks or straight trucks.
  • Car haulers.
  • Bucket trucks.
  • Food trucks.
  • Tow trucks.
  • Dump trucks.
  • Cargo vans.
  • Garbage trucks.
  • Tanker trucks.

If you own any of these types of trucks, we strongly encourage you to get commercial truck coverage.

5 Best Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

Based on our findings and research, we have gathered the best commercial truck insurance companies for you. Check them out.

1. 1st GUARD

This is our first pick for where to get the best commercial truck insurance. 1st Guard is an excellent choice for owner operators and fleets.


With the advent of the 1st Guard mobile app, you can view your coverage and the vehicles insured. You can also make payments and get a certificate of insurance. 

  • It offers discounts for those who use online legal to manage their coverage and fleets.
  • 1st Guards allows you to insure truck combinations whose value is up to $300,000.
  • If your truck and trailer get damaged in an accident, you get to pay just one deductible.
  • Policy holders can add and remove equipment from coverage through the online interface.
  • 1st Guard also offers towing coverage.


  • There’s no online quote.
  • It does not have worker compensation.

2. Progressive

Progressive is one of the best commercial truck insurance companies and one of the largest commercial auto insurance companies that offers a competitive premium rate. Progressive’s commercial truck insurance is available in 50 states, and they offer coverage for a wide range of vehicles, including commercial trucks.


  • Has a wide range of coverage options.
  • Offers protection to new ventures and drivers.
  • It helps to save money if you bundle your policy with other business or personal insurance.
  • Progressive also has a discount program available to all.


  • In some states, there are restrictions on the operation radius to 500 miles.
  • Policyholders will have to go through an insurance policy to discuss the specifics before obtaining commercial truck insurance.

3. Great West Casualty

Great West Casualty is also one of the top contenders in the industry today. They offer quality commercial truck insurance with additional coverage, such as general liability, workers’ compensation, non-trucking liability, equipment coverage, and personal property.

Great West Casualty is renowned for its outstanding customer service and dedicated safety service, which helps to improve the general well-being of policyholders.


  • It has flexible and comprehensive coverage.
  • Specializes in truck and transportation insurance.
  • It focuses on customer satisfaction, as there are great reviews on online platforms.
  • Easy online quotes.
  • Individuals can also pay bills online.


  • Does not sell insurance to high-risk drivers or those without driving experience.
  • It does not operate in all 50 states.

4. Sentry

Sentry offers coverage for a wide range of vehicles, such as semi-trucks and other types of vehicles used in construction and healthcare. The basic coverage includes primary liability, cargo, and physical damage.

Also, Sentry offers standard business insurance, such as general liability, workers’ compensation, property, and cyber insurance.


  • Low complaint ratio, which denotes customer’s satisfaction.
  • Insurance is made available through insurance agencies or brokers that specialize in commercial trucks.
  • Sentry is also among the top 20 commercial auto insurers by premiums.


  • There is limited information available online.
  • Most often, individuals will need to work with an insurance agent to beg for coverage for their truck from Sentry.

5. RLI Insurance

If you seek a commercial truck insurance company that offers customized safety strategies, RLI Insurance is an ideal option. They offer the best customer service, which is another reason why the complaint ratio is extremely low.

Owners, operators, and fleets are provided with comprehensive coverage that helps protect against risks and losses.


  • Policyholders can submit their claims online.
  • Large trucking companies can receive a discount if they install certain cameras in their trucks.
  • Also, RLI offers workers’ compensation insurance.


  • There’s no discount available for truckers.
  • No online quotes.
  • Does not have a mobile app.


How much insurance do I need for a trucking company?

The amount of insurance you need for a trucking company depends on the type of coverage you need and the state in which you reside. In most states, carriers are required to have a minimum of $750,000 in primary liability insurance. However, it is important to note that limits can be either on the high or low side, depending on the vehicle’s weight and cargo.

On the other hand, intrastate carriers should consult their state regulatory body in order to get detailed information on the amount of insurance needed for a trucking company.

What types of vehicles are covered by commercial truck insurance?

Most of the best commercial truck insurance companies we have highlighted in this article focus on tractor trailers.

Nevertheless, there are other vehicles covered by commercial truck insurance, such as delivery trucks, garbage trucks, cement trucks, and tow trucks.

It is important that you review the terms of the insurance company in order to know whether the vehicle you are trying to insure is covered under the insurance policy.