Best Measurement Apps For Android and iOS

If there is one amazing thing that we can do with our mobile devices now, it is to have measurement apps installed on them. With the growth of digitalization around the globe, anyone can use their smartphones to replace the minimal task of the physical tape rule to take measurements.

Best Measurement Apps

If you are having any doubts at all about whether this is possible or not, I will be listing some of the best measurement apps that can give you reliable measured readings about real objects. What’s more, these measurement apps can easily be installed on your Android or iPhone mobile phones.

What is a Measurement app?

A measurement app is a specific target app designed to help users take quick measurement readings of real-world objects. To clarify further, you would be taking all the measured readings mainly from said smart phones without the help of a physical measuring tape.

Furthermore, these measuring apps on mobile devices are powered by augmented reality as well as on-device sensors. Hence, taking the measurement between the distances of two objects can be handled effectively by these measuring apps.

However, while a measuring app on your smart phone is reliable and works just fine. It is important to know that it is best not used for professional cases. This is simply to avoid high-rise bad cases that can be easily avoided.

10 Best Measurement Apps For iOS and Android Devices

One of the very first measurement apps to go digital and work across mobile screens is the Google ruler app Measure. However, the marvelous app was shut down in 2021. Since then, there have been many other outstanding measurement apps that you can select from to take your readings digitally. Here are some considerable options available for your Android or iPhone devices:


Measure is a perfect example of a measuring app for your iPads as well as your iPhones. Since the debut of this app with the IOS 12 model, the Measure app comes pre-installed as a system app that is already availabl. And you don’t have to download it again from the App Store.

Furthermore, one can easily use the Measure app to measure lengths in verticaL. Or horizontal dimensions, draw lines, and perform many other functions. Additionally, the app also has a user-friendly interface, guided instruction prompts, and many other features.

Google Maps

You might not realize this, but Google Maps is another helpful app that can help you solve measurement problems easily as well. So, it doesn’t just serve the usefulness of guiding you directions; it also helps users measure distance as well.

Furthermore, it comes as an in-built app. Plus, you can easily use it to measure distances between two points in kilometers, miles, or yards. So, if you want to operate this, you can easily launch the app and tap the Measure Distance button. Then, you simply follow every single instruction to get it done.

GPS Field Area Measure

Another app that you can use to easily measure the perimeter, area, and distance of a specific region is the GPS Field app. Just like its name implies, this is a perfect navigation app that helps you digitally with manual or GPS measurement. Additionally, it gives you a map view before you even start measuring.

To easily navigate the app, simply select the end points within the map. And you will then see the distance at the top left corner of the page. What’s more, if you are dealing only with measuring fields and lands. You can easily make use of the GPS Field app on either your Android or iOS device.


The PLNAR application is another great measurement app on the list that you can use with ease on your smart phones. Not only does this online application give you measurement results. It also offers you the option to create 3D models of the room using AR. What’s more, this measurement app is better designed for people who are contractors.

Or designers, as it helps greatly with measuring surface area and perimeter and even generates for you a 3D CAD file of the room. Also, it has other features like being AR-based,  creating 2D and 3D plans, and many more. Lastly, it is only available on iOS devices.

Smart Measure

The Smart Measure app is another measurement application that you can relatively consider to help you take measurements digitally. While it has many similar and noticeable features like others, the Smart Measure app actually measures height from the ground.

So, if you are dealing with a case where you want to measure the distance of objects above ground level. This app is your best choice. However, do keep in mind that you might deal with a lot of ads, and buying the pro version removes these ads.

Roomscan Pro

A great app to use in the measurement aspect of a floor plan is the Roomscan Pro app. It comes with an advanced set of features and is also a great fix for people who are professionals. As well as possessing a clean interface, the Roomscan Pro app allows users to also create a room and floor plan with ease.

If you are using a new iPhone model, you point the app towards the floor and wait until it identifies it. Furthermore, it only works on iPhones, as it has no Android application yet.

Bubble Level

This is one application that works digitally but has similarities to the traditional routes for taking measurements. The Bubble Level app is efficiently filled with alcohol in a vial, has a traditional bubble level, and helps users take measurements of the horizontal and vertical directions of the surface. Furthermore, this measurement app also offers a 2D ruler, an angle meter, and a straight ruler for more convenience.

Angle Meter

The Angle Meter is a great interfaced measurement app that takes a more old-fashioned method in measurement cases compared to AR apps. One can say that the Angle Meter app has an old-fashioned technique. This is because it offers users a protractor, a camera-based laser level tool, an on-screen ruler, and many more.

What’s more, it also offers you the option to measure the angle or inclination of objects. This is a feature augmented reality measurement apps do not offer. In addition, you can download the Angle Meter measurement app for free on your Android device, as it isn’t available yet on iOS devices.


Moasure is a proficient measurement application that you can easily use on your Android and iOS devices as well. Considered to be one of the best apps, it offers users features like a protractor, a goniometer, a ruler, a 300-meter or 1000-foot tape measure, and many more.

What’s even more astonishing is that you can use the Moasure measurement app to measure distances of up to 300 m/1000 ft as well as angles that cover distances of up to 30 m/100 ft. Furthermore, this app has a user-friendly interface and also has in-app tutorials that can help you navigate the app better.

AR Ruler App

You can immediately deduce from the name that the AR ruler app is indeed augmented reality-based. This measurement app allows you to easily measure real-world objects. And also offers measurements in inches, meters, yards, feet, centimeters, and millimeters.

To proceed with the app, you only have to face the viewfinder towards the surface plane and click the screen to start measuring. Additionally, you can easily get this convenient application from your app store or Google Play store.

These are the best measurement apps that you can easily use on your smart devices or mobile phones.

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