Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies of 2024

In the world today, there are many mobile home insurance companies, but not all mobile home insurance companies offer the same insurance policy to their customers. In other words, knowing which company offers the best policy is very important if you are in search of a mobile home insurance company.

Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies of 2024

So if you are in search of the best mobile home insurance companies in 2024, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will be showing you the best mobile home insurance companies that you can partner with; just make sure you read through it carefully.

What is a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are homes constructed on movable chassis. A mobile home can be known as a park home or a trailer home. These homes are different from manufactured houses.

Mobile home insurance is intended for the special needs of a mobile homeowner who is looking for ways to protect his or her property and personal damages. Mobile homes are non-permanent sites that are typically assembled on a metal frame. They are also known for resting on movable chassis. Mobile home insurance is taken out to cover risks that might affect it.

Mobile home insurance helps customers provide cover for damages that might occur to the actual structure of a mobile home, the liabilities that might occur, and the personal effects that are available within it.

What to Consider Before Selecting the Mobile Home Insurance Companies in 2024

Before you think of obtaining mobile home insurance from an insurance company, here are some things you should put into consideration before settling for the one that catches your eye:

  • Make inquiries about the “endorsement and additional coverage” they offer. Some insurance companies may offer and some may not offer endorsement for flood or earthquake damages or even vacant coverage when earthquakes occur and your mobile home is vacant for some years.
  • Ask about their “coverage options,” for if you are a newbie or an old-time member, it is very important when choosing mobile home insurance. Ask and analyze the coverage options that are available and how they have been offered. Analyze and see if those options given are suitable for your mobile home structure, additional expenses, liabilities, and personal belongings.
  • “Replacement” and “actual cash value policies” are mainly two options given to mobile home owners covering their homes in case of damages or losses that might occur. Having an idea of this helps you consider which option fits your budget and gives you the level of protection we desire for your home.

6 Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies in 2024

In this section, we will be listing the best mobile insurance companies. Carefully read through this article as we discuss and state each of them.

1. Allstate

Allstate is one of the best mobile home insurance companies, as it has the lowest level of complaints about its services. It also offers a loyalty discount to customers who have been insured with them for years. They also have a discount on the age of your mobile home. Allstate has tons of endorsements available.

2. Erie

Erie is another sensational mobile home insurance company. It is ranked as one of the 11 largest home insurance companies in the United States. It is highly recommended by its customers. They have the best customer service and solid dwelling coverage options for their newbies and returning customers.

Erie coverage includes natural disasters and floods that most standard homeowners don’t typically cover. They also cover misplaced jewelry, lost jewelry, silverware, guns, and wares.

3. Farmers

With Farmers mobile home insurance, be ready to receive bundling offers when you combine your mobile home policy with another farmer’s policy, like life or auto insurance. Their coverage includes both earthquakes and floods.

4. Progressive

Progressive has a helpful mobile app for policy management that is accessible to their customers, and on this mobile app, they provide multiple payment methods to customers. They also offer endorsements and add-on facilities. This endorsement includes flood insurance policies and replacement cost coverage. Progressive offers quotes online, and this quote is highly easy for their customers to get.

5. American Modern

American Modern runs a number of subsidiary property and casualty insurance companies that provide special offers for owners of seasonal homes and mobile homes.

They have centered on mobile homes since they were founded in 1949. This insurance company has optional coverage it offers to its customers due to breakdowns of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, electronics, or other important appliances.

They also give you insurance coverage for theft, vandalism, and earthquakes when they happen. In case you prefer running your things online without having to visit a physical store, American Modern has an online claims filing form.

6. Foremost

At its core, Foremost was originally founded to insure mobile homes. When a customer finally decides to move their home, they offer you coverage options such as trip coverage. They also offer coverage for earthquakes when they occur and fraud management. Foremost has extended its operation to 49 states.

With Foremost, you are sure to enjoy close to 15 endorsements to ensure that your policy matches the needs of your home when filing claims. As a policyholder of Foremost’s mobile insurance policy, be sure to get offers at a reasonable cost.

The best mobile home insurance companies have been listed above for you according to our choices and recommendations. Therefore, when choosing the best mobile home insurance, make sure you get informed on the best offers each has to offer and compare if it suits your preference.


Is Mobile Home Insurance Necessary?

Mobile home insurance for your mobile home is, however, necessary but not important. It’s not in any way required in most places. It is only recommended for mobile owners to provide financial protection against damages, theft, liability, and more.

Can An Older Mobile Home be Insured?

Yes, an older mobile home can be insured. Most times, older homes tend to be considered to have a higher risk, which results in higher premiums. To get a lower offer, it’s best to shop around and compare quotes.

Is Mobile Home Insurance for Everyone?

This insurance is only available for people who have mobile homes. If you do not own a mobile home, there is no need to get mobile home insurance.

Is Mobile Home Insurance Expensive?

Yes, it is typically more expensive than a standard home. Mobile homes are not likely to resist or withstand floods, fire, tornadoes, and hurricanes. And the fact that they do not have a permanent site also contributes to how expensive their insurance premium can be.