Best Nintendo Switch Apps 2024

What are the best Nintendo Switch apps that anyone would possibly love to try out? There is a wide variety of options available, and you can have your pick of any. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch is a top console that stands out in the high console-powered options like the Playstation 5 or Xbox series.

It is also versatile device that offers top notch features. Some include supporting non-gaming applications, having a large host of apps and games, and also supporting the top streaming apps on the market. Since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has grown to be a massive success and is even more popular with gamers.

Best Nintendo Switch Apps

Furthermore, there are many apps that you can easily get on your Nintendo Switch. They might not all be games, but they prove to be forms of entertainment, skill-building, and many more. Check out the list in the next outline below.

Best Nintendo Switch Apps

Here are some of the best Nintendo applications that you can conveniently get on your Switch:


Let’s kick off the list with an amazing app that could be both educational and relaxing. You can easily access the Piano app on your Nintendo Switch, and it is the simplest app on the console. If you are a gamer who is interested in getting into the musical side of things, the Piano app is a perfect platform to start with.

What’s more, it is available for gamers of all ages. The app comes with tutorials to help them learn. Users can easily select from the included classic songs to assist them in piecing songs together. Furthermore, you can get the piano app on the Nintendo Switch for $9.99, and this can be played in all three Nintendo modes.

Zen Mindfulness: Medication and Relax

If you are looking for something different to try out on your Nintendo Switch, why don’t you go for something more peaceful and elevating? If you have no clue what to choose, then you should consider the Zen Mindfulness app. Like the name suggests, this app comes as a soothing and relaxing platform for users who want to achieve some sane peace as well as improve their sleep quality.

What’s more, it helps you with your stress levels with the help of meditation and mindfulness exercises of high quality. It also comes with relaxing songs, five different modes for you to select from music and sounds to aid your study and work time, etc. You can easily purchase this app on the Nintendo eShop for just $2.99.

RPG Maker MV

If you know a gamer or if you are one who has an interest in exploring the RPG genres, the RPG Maker MV on the Switch is a great way to create more chances of learning. Also, they can use the RPG Maker to browse through lots of assets to create their own RPG with scope and depth. Released on the Switch on September 2, 2020. RPG Maker MV is the only software you will find available on the gaming console.

Furthermore, the app comes with features like an in-built map that creates complex maps. Also, in-built scripting languages that allow users to add their own features to their games, and so many more. Anyone can purchase this app on the Switch for about $50.

Nintendo Switch Online

One of the greatest purchases that many Switch users could possibly make is the Nintendo Switch online app. The app, which can be gotten for free, allows users to conveniently gain the benefits earned from their Nintendo Switch online application.

Also, there are other games you gain access to, like Sega Genesis, NES, Nintemdo Gameboy, Super NES, and so many more. You could get started with the pricing plan that best suits you, either as an individual or as a family.

Pokemon Home

There are multiple reasons why a gamer would want to get the Pokemon Home on their Switch console. This is a superb application that functions as a cloud-based service. It allows users to trade Pokemon collected from previous games, store them, and manage their rewards. Furthermore, users can easily get Pokemon Home for free using the Nintendo eShop. Still, they will have to work with subscription plans to achieve top features like expanding storage and many more.

Game Builder Garage

Another cool and informative way that gamers who are interested in playing RPG games and coding can wet their feet is by accessing the Game Builder game on their gaming console. With its fun and bright visual appearance. This is an app that will help gamers. Or users learn the basics and structures of building a game from scratch.

What’s more, these games can later be shared with other gamers via codes. And can be purchased for free on the Nintendo Switch. However, there are pricing plans available on the app that you can select from to either get started as a beginner or upgrade your features as a pro game builder.

Colors Live

If you are more on the creative side, then you should definitely explore choices like the Colors Live app on your Nintendo Switch. This app is a digital painting app. It is for creative users who want to design their own art pieces and share them with others.

Also, there are a wide variety of skills, levels. It alsocomes with features like brushes, story mode, SonarPen stylus, and so many more. Additionally, it works great with iOS and Android devices and can be gotten for free on your Switch. Still, there are pricing plans that are affordable for you to purchase and start creating art pieces on your gaming console.


If you love gaming and still love the art of comic creation then get InkyPen app on your Nintendo Switch. The InkyPen app is a wonderful platform that provides users with smooth ease to create their own graphic novels and comic books online.

While it is free to get, a subscription to a suitable pricing plan offers users more features. Some includes the ability to create their own comics, explore other comics from vast publishers. Also, create custom collections of comics for later offline use, share their creations, and many more.


These are some of the best Nintendo Switch apps to get on your console for use. Either it is music, game creation, or relaxing purposes. There are tons of considerable options in apps that you can get to your gaming console to start using and exploring.

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