Best Saving Platforms In Nigeria

What are the best saving platforms we have in Nigeria? In this article, we will be discussing the best savings platforms to make use of.

In recent times, there are so many online saving platforms where you can save without having to visit the bank. Gone are the days when you need to visit the bank and follow the process of filling out large forms in the bank before you can save money.

With the best saving platforms in Nigeria now, you can conveniently save from the comfort of your home while you earn interest on each savings.

Best Saving Platforms In Nigeria

As you know, it is important to save money as this is a key factor in an increase in personal finance, and financial stability. Moreover, the process of saving money has to also result where they get high interest rates and little to no charges at all.

Thanks to technology there are numerous saving platforms that are available in Nigeria. Platforms like such make the act of saving money super easy for Nigerians and profitable.

Why Should I Save Money In Saving Apps Rather Than The Bank?

There are various advantages to why it is so much easier to save money in reputable apps than the bank. One of the main successes of this is that you can earn higher interest rates from apps than the bank.

Also, the high-interest rates could go up to about 18% which is even higher than that of the stock market interest rates.

In addition to this, saving money on platforms like a saving app makes it more convenient, easier, and user-friendly. Moreover, you can easily access all you want as long as you have a Smartphone and a valid email address.

The Best Saving Platforms In Nigeria

There are plenty of options for saving platforms available on the market that allow you to easily save your money whenever you want. If you want to get the best options for saving platforms you can use, here is a detailed follow-up:


The Sumotrust app was formerly known as Sumobank and it is a powerful saving app that allows you to save money conveniently and automatically.

In addition to this, they also offer investment and saving services to their customers. They have an interest rate of up to 10% per annum and this is a great platform for both business corporations and entrepreneurs.

ALAT is one of Nigeria’s fully functional, digital banks that makes this list for various reasons. Firstly, you can perform all of your digital transactions from your electronic devices and from wherever you are.

In addition, ALAT has an interest rate of about 8.75% on the amount per annum and if you know the bank, you know that this is 3x the bank rate.

Furthermore, ALAT enables you the easy process of creating a saving goal and allows you to determine how much you want to save for a selected period of time.

Other features include allowing you to save alone or with friends with the Group Savings option, having the ALAT debit delivered to you, creating a free virtual card, and many more.

The Kolopay is another amazing saving platform where you can easily reach saving goals and more. There are easy features on the app like EasySave and the Autosave options that allow you to automate your savings by schedule.

Furthermore, Kolopay has a withdrawal date policy as well as an interest rate of up to 10%. You can even have multiple saving goals at once on the app.


Another amazing saving platform on the list is the Crowdyvest app. This app is one of the best out there that can help you with whatever saving plans it is you have.

Also, Crowdyvest has an autosave option and this gives you the opportunity to automate your savings, even creating multiple saving plans as well.

Formerly known as Pettysave, this money-saving platform offers both savings and investment services to every one of their interested customers.

In fact, you can even automate your savings from as little as a hundred naira (100#) and use their helpful financial guides and tools to help you. On this platform, you can also save towards various goals you have in mind.


Another one of the best saving platforms in Nigeria on the list is the Kuda Bank. This popular bank offers you the opportunity to save while earning an interest on the money.

There is also a Spend+Save tool feature in the bank that enables you to remove money and keep it every time you spend money on something. Moreover, they have a saving feature that is super flexible and saves money on your own schedule.

Cowrywise –

Cowrywise is another good savings app that you will find on this list. This platform allows you to save money while offering a high-interest rate at fixed, periodic, and one-time rates.

If you are also looking for where you can build up your investment portfolio, Cowrywise is the platform you should try out.

Before we commence, you should know that PiggyVest is affiliated with the UBA Nigeria PLC. This is a savings app that has a strong safe lock feature and this feature allows you to lock away parts of your money for a specific period of time.

This means that the money that you save with this feature, cannot be touched until the specific date you set for withdrawal.

You can immediately tell that is an amazing and efficient tool for saving money. This is another amazing saving platform that you can use to save money in Nigeria.

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