Best Travel Insurance Options for Digital Nomads

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Are you a digital nomad in search of the best travel insurance? Look no further! Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people were seen transitioning from their previous work to a remote one. As a result of this, people seek answers to what travel insurance is best for digital nomads.

Best Travel Insurance Options for Digital Nomads

Perhaps you are one of those people who seeks answers to this question. You are in the right place to get all the information you need.

Best Travel Insurance Options for Digital Nomads

Based on in-depth research, we have highlighted some of the best travel insurance for digital nomads. These include:

1. SafetyWing

Safetywing is the overall best travel insurance company for digital nomads. Although they previously offered just travel insurance, they now provide digital nomads with the opportunity to work remotely and live abroad with digital nomad insurance.

Their travel insurance plan encompasses a myriad of remote options tailored to meet the needs of digital nomads. You can visit any hospital and beg to be reimbursed for your expenses.

Aside from that, the insurance application is relatively easy, and you don’t have to conduct a health pre-check before activating your insurance policy.

2. Genki

Genki is our second pick for the best travel insurance for digital nomads. This is one of the digital nomad health insurance companies that offers coverage for up to 180 days in a year in your home country.

This means that you can visit your friends and family without having to worry about losing your health care.

The cost is affordable if getting this travel insurance is affordable; with just €105 per month, you can enjoy coverage for all of your medical needs. Through monthly payments and a price guarantee of two years, you can budget for your health while living as a digital nomad.

3. GeoBlue

GeoBlue offers full coverage for preventive care, including a low deductible from six months to a year with renewal options. It features a comprehensive policy where digital nomads can have access to a network of doctors and hospitals worldwide.

You can speak to a doctor from the comfort of your home and get all the medical services you need.

Also, GeoBlue allows policyholders to customize their insurance plans. You can add dental, vision, and other types of coverage in the United States if you intend to spend time at home throughout the year.

4. Insured Nomads

Yet the best travel insurance for digital nomads, Insured Nomads features a combination of travel and international health insurance. They offer a comprehensive insurance policy for individuals who are active remote workers traveling full-time.

With $224 per month, digital nomads can get coverage for at least six months. And this coverage covers health expenses and travel reimbursement in Canada for delayed flights.

Insured nomads are known to give policyholders peace of mind while traveling. You can customize your insurance plan and deductible amount in order to create the perfect policy for your health needs.

5. IMG Global

IMG is an ideal option for digital nomads who seek private international health insurance. They have four tiers of medical coverage available for digital nomads to choose from.

This travel insurance is available for travelers who are 74 years of age or younger, and it also covers pre-existing conditions.

The most intriguing part of this travel insurance is that digital nomads do not have to stay within the network of IMG Global; they can decide to work with any doctor or hospital of their choice.

Tips on How to Choose a Travel Insurance Plan

Choosing the right travel insurance policy is not as difficult as you might think. We have helped to curate three basic things to consider as a digital nomad when selecting a travel insurance plan. They are as follows:

• Compare the cost and coverage option

In the process of choosing the best travel insurance plan, we advise that you ship around, compare prices, and compare coverage across multiple insurance companies. This would enable you to opt for the one that suits your needs and budget.

Most importantly, be on the lookout for the reputation and customer reviews of the travel insurance you are choosing. By doing this, you will get a better understanding of how the insurance provider treats their policyholders, including their claim process.

• Consider your travel style

People differ, and so there are different types of digital nomads. You may prefer to travel for a long period of time across different countries. You may also decide to stay in one place for a year or take a short trip while returning home for a period of time. Knowing your travel style will enable you to choose the right insurance plan for you.

• Consider Your Utmost Needs

Like I said earlier, there are different types of digital nomads. So, when choosing a travel insurance plan, ensure it addresses your unique needs. If you need trip protection or medical evacuation coverage, be sure that your policy covers it.

Overall, it is essential to think of what is most important to you, which includes factoring in your needs.


What is Digital Nomad Travel Insurance?

Digital nomad travel insurance covers unexpected incidents that occur while a policyholder is traveling. This type of insurance covers a wide range of travel-related expenses, ultimately giving peace of mind and unavailable security as the policyholder explores and works as a digital nomad.

While digital nomad travel insurance covers health emergencies, it would not replace your health coverage. In essence, there are certain health expenses it won’t cover. So, we advise that you have substantial health coverage aside from your digital nomad travel insurance.

What is not covered by travel insurance?

The amount of coverage for travel insurance varies. It typically depends on the type of plan you purchase. However, travel insurance does not provide coverage for injuries sustained while intoxicated, reckless behavior, lost or stolen cash, extreme sports injuries, or civil unrest.

We advise that you read the fine print of your insurance policy to get a better understanding of its coverage and limitations.

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19?

Most insurance companies include coverage for COVID-19 and other pandemics in their travel insurance plans. If you seek protection against certain pandemics, reach out to your insurance provider to confirm if they offer such coverage. 

Is travel insurance mandatory?

Well, it is not mandatory for most travelers in certain destinations. However, travel insurance is an ideal option for travelers who require some form of insurance. A lot of digital nomads, workers, and student visa buyers buy travel agencies to protect themselves against certain perils that may occur while traveling.

While it is not mandatory to have travel insurance, we strongly advise you to get one; you never know what happens while traveling to another destination.